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Supporting your learners helps drive success

When running a domestic or global training programme to external audiences, one of the elements often overlooked is supporting learners. To overcome this issue, we offer an LMS learner support service as part of our management services. We know our solutions inside out, making us best placed to deal with any incoming learner enquiries and offer the correct level of support to ensure your training programme stays on track.

Let us take the hassle away

Customer support

Working as an extension of your organisation, our Support specialists are on hand to help whenever it’s needed, regardless of location or language.

We have a proven track record for supporting users with any issues from simple password reminders and support choosing the correct courses through to working on user technical issues – all with 99% satisfaction and a 24-hour response time.

Using our Learner Support service minimises any downtime, ensures a smooth journey and reduces the need for internal resources.

Let us take the load

Log in reminders

We’ve all been there but forgetting login details when learning can pose a bigger problem, especially when there are deadlines to work to, or certifications required. Using our support service ensures learning journeys are kept smooth and trouble-free.

Technical enquiries

From working through clearing cache and enabling pop-ups, to changing browsers, changing settings and sound checks, the Support team is always on hand to help, giving you and your team the time to concentrate on your core business activities.

Learner journey

If your learners are unsure about which course to enrol onto, or which pathway they should be on, we can offer advice on the next steps to take based on your defined learner pathway and learning objectives.

Certification and badge processing

We take care of all certification and badge processing, including digital certificate and badge production and updating and amending information if necessary. Each new certificate or badge can also be shared on social media to promote the qualification to the company or learner network.

Course booking

Should your learners hit any issues when booking or paying for courses, we are on hand to help. Whether it’s card issues, user-based problems or questions surrounding discount codes, we can ensure the problem is resolved so your learners can keep on learning.

How we support your learning journey

Self help articles

Knowledge base

A comprehensive knowledge base helps users get the answers they need, as quickly as possible in a customisable format. Articles can be easily accessed and provide easy-to-follow videos and self-help guides. Knowledge base provides the best and fastest method of getting the necessary support.

Why we cleanse

Multi-channel support

Whether users want to get in touch by phone, email, or online chat, we’ve got it covered. Our expert customer support agents can resolve enquiries quickly and efficiently, no matter how they choose to reach out.

Why we cleanse

Support tracking

All users can view the support history and track progress from the support dashboard within the LMS, providing them with all of the detail and continuity they need to deal effectively solve any issues.

Branded support

Branded support

From changing the support portal colours to match your LMS, to using a customised domain and email address, we build a support service that looks, feels and sounds like your brand.

Why we cleanse

Dedicated contact details

Any communication from us is sent with a customised email address and branded signature. A dedicated phone number is provided for your learners, complete with a personalised greeting, to ensure we are seen as an extension of your team.

Multi lingual support

Multilingual support

No matter where your users are based, or what language they speak, we can communicate with them effectively. Our specialist translation tools allow up to assist in over 100 languages via our knowledge base, email and online chat support channels.

Your questions answered

Why LMS administration & support is a key factor for success?

While a huge part of training relies on the quality of your courses, you are going to need technical support once you start running your programme. Whether it’s a simple password reminder or issues with courses freezing in the middle of training, a reliable LMS support will minimise any downtime, making sure every learner’s journey runs smoothly.

Why outsource your LMS administration and support?

With more learners taking your courses, the more customer support tickets you’re going to have to deal with. Unless you have your own dedicated learner support team, you won’t be able to keep up.

With our help, your team will then be able to focus on strategy and execution while we take the time-consuming tasks of solving technical issues off your plate.

What are learner support services?

Learner support services are a system that provides individual support to learners to help address any issues that would hinder their training completion. This is especially vital in distance learning situations where the face-to-face benefits of being able to see if a learner is struggling and providing immediate support are absent.

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Nicola bulgin

Nicola Bulgin

As Customer Experience Project Manager at Wahoo Learning, Nicola holds a passion for creating smooth, enjoyable and successful journey’s for learners and customers alike.

Nicola thrives on being challenged and enjoys developing innovative solutions that help her and her team to successfully provide the highest level of support.

As well as managing her team of Customer Service Specialists, Nicola works closely with the development team offering her experience and expertise to help create a seamless user experience.

When she's not working Nicola can often be found with a good book in her hand or chasing the next adrenaline rush, sky diving is next on the list!

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