Programme management

The success of your training programme is our driving objective.

Programme ManagementFrom the offset our account manager will get to understand all the training challenges you face, including your training objectives and outcomes.

The role of ‘Programmes’ is to coordinate the training content/tasks, guide and manage the student logically through a pre-planned structure and report on progress and completion.

In short, programmes, manage your training objectives through to completion keeping both the student and you informed throughout.

The Wahoo Learning Account Manager and customer service staff are here to migrate your pre-defined programmes into your branded version on your behalf. From there we’ll help manage and report on student progress, providing the expertise and reducing the resources you require to run your training programmes.

Programme ComplexityProgramme Complexity

A pre-defined programme can coordinate everything from a few modules of e-Learning, through to a complex mix of ‘blended learning tasks’ that includes e-Learning, classroom or on-site training.

Whether a simple or complex programme your learner’s progress can be linked to ‘competence measurement’ along the route, defining their next steps.

How Many Programs? – Zero to hero

You may simply offer independent training modules, or offer defining complex programmes based upon product or solution training or specific skill sets associated with a persona/role or skill hierarchy.

You may define a programme of re-training or even a programme for an individual. You define your training objectives and the Wahoo Learning team will establish and manage it.

Our solution supports adaptive learning paths, certifications, blended learning, gamification and much more.

Student ManagementStudent Management

Programmes guide students through a custom adaptive learning route that you have pre-defined. Maybe an introduction e-learning module explaining the programme is viewed first, then the next sequential ‘task’ automatically becomes available, this maybe the next training module, so defining the structure.

Programme managed tasks may include ‘competency measurement’, which may in turn lead on to entry into the next level of training. Students are guided all the way within the adaptive learning route and the intuitive student area, including reminders if necessary.

Pre-defined training programmes make content/task management easy as well as reducing resources and costs.

Finger on the pulseFinger on the pulse

Student progress is constantly monitored using programme trigger points to inform Wahoo Learning customer support and yourself. Triggers can include – missed deadlines, failed/passed competency etc.

Reporting detail can be as granular as you choose. Your Wahoo Learning account and Customer Service team can pre-define reporting weekly, monthly, ad-hoc or you can have reporting access to your students.

The Wahoo Learning model allows you to define your level of involvement, reducing management overheads.

Competency and CertificationCompetency & Certification

‘Competency’ may range from demonstrating that e-learning content has been simply downloaded, played or the student has successfully completed embedded quizzes, assessments, exams, on-site training or interviews.

Certification/ID badges are a feature of our solution and your administrative functions retain all learner records.

API support allows for transferrence of data to other systems.

‘Certification’ is integral to learning and programme management. The Wahoo Learning model manages this process through to certification and recognition.

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