Empower your customers with knowledge

The success of your product or service relies on your customer’s understanding and expertise

Delving into product training

Transfer your knowledge to maximise success

Training your customers arms them with all of the information needed to become a product expert, whilst enabling them to effectively communicate the features, value and advantages of your product. For your business, sharing knowledge and information results in less technical enquiries, reduced usage failures, and increased sales success.

Create product experts

Consistently offer the training and tools for your customers to become your product experts. 

Standardise messaging

Create clear and concise messaging that protects your identity and build brand recognition. 


Competitive edge

A training programme that also nurtures your customers, offers you an advantage over your competition. 

Increased satisfaction

Customers that better understand your products are more like to convey the full product potential and reap the benefits of doing so.

Why implement formalised product training?

Increased efficiency

Knowledge and expertise from your employees and colleagues will be documented and maintained, ensuring no knowledge is lost over time.

Rapid scalability

If you sell a product or service that needs certified installation, you can run and track certification courses that keep installers up to date with relevant information and training requirements.

Centralised management

The ability to track, monitor and manage your training programme from a single point makes it simple and efficient to deliver training on a large scale.

Certification schemes

Strong certification schemes reward commitment from your learners, enhancing your brand and recognition in the marketplace.

Accelerated onboarding

Powerful tracking and monitoring tools report on completion monitoring and much more, allowing you to easily identify gaps in knowledge and training requirements.


Tailored approach

Personalised workflows can be customised and adapted for each audience, ensuing the learning content is always relevant.

Building success

Ensure your customers enjoy the business benefits of aligning with a company that cares about their success.

The Wahoo Learning way

Our responsive features, services and solutions are specifically designed to build and manage successful partner training programmes. 

Managed learning services

Hassle free administration

Run your training programme with zero effort. Our managed learning services are designed to reduce the time and effort needed to effectively administer and manage training programmes.

Managed learning services

Learner satisfaction guaranteed

Our branded, dedicated multi-channel learner support ensures a smooth learner journey, reduces downtime, and removes the need for internal support staff.

Managed learning services

Pain-free platform customer experience

Our easy to use, learner centric LMS encourages high adoption rates and provides a effortless experience for all, from administrators and managers, to learners.

Managed learning services

Global reach is just a click away

Unique translation tools and robust, secure cloud hosting supports learners worldwide and enables rapid global deployment.

Certificates, events and programmes

Unique recognition programmes

Keep training up to date and to a high standard with bespoke, authorised certification programmes. Simple, automated reminders can also be set up for predefined recertification and re-enrolment timelines.

Managed learning services

Hosting taken care of

Hosted in enterprise-grade security data centres, our hosting service is fully-managed and maintained by our expert team and hosting engineers. We ensure your training solution is working at peak-performance, while remaining secure and always up to date.

Accessible features to successfully execute your training

  • SCORM + xAPI
  • Notifications
  • Certifications
  • Due dates & reminders
  • Single Sign On
  • Discounts codes/subscriptions
  • Course catalogue
  • Learning paths
  • Advanced reports
  • Certificates and badges 
  • Webinar integrations
  • Multiple languages
  • Mobile responsive
  • System integration

Let’s get started

Talk to an eLearning solutions expert

Lloyd smith

Lloyd Smith

Managing Director at Wahoo Learning, Lloyd has been working in digital industries since 2004. Focusing on customer relationship solutions in his early career, he moved to learning solutions and has never looked back.

Having created numerous successful training solutions on behalf of clients in the US and Europe, Lloyd has the experience of what it takes to deliver a solution that meets the complex needs of customers. With a passion for new and emerging technologies, he is always looking at how these can benefit companies and learners alike. 

It's not all work though. Lloyd can often be found sailing on the local lake, and with two energetic young boys he rarely has a moment to rest.

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