The Benefits of Training-as-a-Service (TaaS)

Published: 21st August 2019
Category: Technology

When most professionals think about training, they picture having to schedule regular time out of their work calendar to go to a classroom, run through the syllabus, and complete a certification within a set timeframe.

Yet as technology expands and evolves, this traditional training model is increasingly outdated.

Choosing online training over classroom learning makes maintaining regular education easier for individuals. Online training and resources are up to date and available, enabling the training to be flexible, fast-moving and adaptable in the face of a rapidly changing and expanding industry.

The benefits of online training include:


Saved time

Online training doesn’t need to be scheduled, so doesn’t interrupt work, or impact capacity


Saved budget

Time and expense in travelling to courses is avoided


Consistent training

Training managers know exactly what the course will contain for each student – anywhere in the world


Ease of securing management buy in

Online training minimizes barriers to training adoption such as lost time and resource


Accessibility and flexibility

Training can be taken 24/7, 7 days a week to suit individual requirements


Certifications on demand

There’s no waiting around to enrol on scheduled classes


Online access

Courses and support materials can be accessed any time via any online device. This offers the additional benefit of resource availability to support on-site work


Paced to suit the individual

Training doesn’t have to be completed in one sitting, and individuals can plan to their schedule


70/20/10 development

70% of learning comes from real life experience, 20% comes via feedback from managers or supervisors and 10% comes via formal training. Online training supports the 70/20/10 development model, offering a consistently available point of reference, learning material, and support to help professionals while on-site and learning via practical experience



online training can be made available in multiple languages to support student preferences

One key requirement for the above is the Learning Management System (LMS) to support your program needs. While many off the shelf LMS systems are available, they mostly require you to manage and administer them yourself, which requires staffing, expertise, management and risk. We believe a managed and hosted LMS solution provides a more effective and cost efficient way of delivering training. It is TaaS (Training-as-a-Service), and means you can concentrate on the course content as the subject matter experts and we can concentrate on its delivery and administration.

How can we help?

At Wahoo Learning we are specialists in providing managed LMS solutions. Utilising our own Compass learning solution, a white-labelled, customised LMS solution can be deployed within days which matches your organisations brand. The solution is hosted and managed on your behalf and with an SLA guaranteeing 99.99% up-time, you can be confident that your customers get a great experience.

Whether you have your own eLearning content already, or require custom content to be created by our expert instructions designers, we’ll get you up-and-running in no time. For more information about how the WahooLearning can help you, take a look the details here, or get in touch.



The author - Lloyd Smith

The author - Lloyd Smith

Lloyd is the Managing Director of Wahoo Learning. He has a passion for the learning technology industry, particularly the latest innovations and technologies.

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