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Choosing to create a great training programme and deliver it to your customers is one thing, but finding budget to pay for it can be a challenge. By having the functionality to sell your courses online, you can create a revenue stream that can either be re-invested into your training programme, or that generates a regular profit for your business. By reinvesting revenue, your training can become self-funded and pay for itself, allowing you to expand your training operation.

Increase your potential by selling your training online


Selling eLearning courses can help you build stronger and more fruitful relationships with your external audiences, including channel partners, franchisees and distributors, allowing them to benefit from up-to-date information and learning on your products and services. It also allows you to bring customers more closely into your ecosystem, creating long term brand loyalty.

To complement our integral online eCommerce solution, our unique finance management service means you can market and sell your training online, without the need for any internal resource to manage any financial processes. It’s an end-to-end solution with no internal effort required for it to run seamlessly and become a revenue-generating machine.

Who benefits from selling courses online?

For Business

Expertise and flexibility are key to our business solutions, providing you with a variety of options to meet your current and future training needs.

For Education

Whether you’re implementing or delivering blended or virtual learning we can work with you to identify the solution to meet your learner, employer or funder’s requirements.

For Sellers

Whether you are a commercial content developer, college, university, private training provider, or an individual we offer you a secure, user-friendly environment to market and sell your eLearning.

How we help you to sell your training courses online

Providing booking management

Integrated catalogue

A clear catalogue with a powerful search engine allows users to search for training quickly and easily. Course details, re-certification courses and related learning are each displayed in the user’s dashboard, making it easy to determine the correct path and encourage sign-ups.

Providing booking management

Booking management

A simple booking system allows individual learners to book themselves onto courses, or user’s can buy in bulk and distribute to relevant learners. Purchases and bookings can be tracked, allowing managers, trainers, and learners to stay organised.


Simple checkout

The entire checkout process has been designed to mimic those that customers are familiar with when shopping online, offering buyer confidence and maximising the opportunity to generate revenue.

Providing card payments

Secure payment gateway

Using the award-winning, highly secure Stripe payment gateway, users can make secure online payments. Prices are displayed in the users preferred currency to improve sales, simplify the process and avoid conversion costs.

Discounts in your basket

Discount codes

A flexible range of discount code functionality enables promotional pricing for limited periods, preferential discounts for key customers or even personalised codes for specific users. Discount packages, or virtual gift cards, can also be sold to encourage repeat bookings.

Managing your money so you don't have to

Finance management

Our full finance management service allows us to fully support your eCommerce solution, including handling enquiries, processing refunds and much more. Revenue generated from your programme is securely processed, managed and regularly reported upon. How revenue is used it up to you and it can be released at any time.

Your questions answered

Who could benefit from selling courses online?

There are many organisations that can benefit from selling online courses. This could be anyone that has a need to provide training to an external audience and where the learners see a value in that training. This is ideal where a certification program is being built. Also, organisations where budget constraints mean the training programme needs to stand-up in its own right and be self-funding, or profit generating.

Lastly, organisations that have very specific knowledge and experience about particular topics for which there is a market for can commercially benefit from developing and selling courses online.

What types of courses can be sold online?

Any course that forms part of your training programme can be sold. Certification courses and training courses for external partners are particularly popular. Courses can be used to train employees, franchisees, customers, distributors and more – all of which could be created using various multimedia formats and be accessible on different devices.

Can selling eLearning be profitable?
Yes, a significant revenue stream can be generated from selling courses online. How much profit depends entirely on how many individuals or businesses sign up to your training and how valuable that training is (which will in turn affect what you can sell it for).
Can I offer discounts?

Yes. By doing so you can reward valued partners and customers, or support business promotions.

Using Compass eCommerce you can provide discounts to customers, or courses, programs or your entire catalogue.

Providing discounts, especially for loyal partners and/or customers, can build more trust and also extend the length of your business relationship with them.

Can I sell my training to businesses and individuals?

Yes, businesses could purchase subscription packs with a view to distributing internally. Also individuals can buy courses if they form part of your training programme.

To increase the appeal of your training courses and make sure they are engaging, add some gamification elements (e.g. leaderboards, badges, levelling systems, etc), break down topics into bite-sized content, and use various multimedia formats.

Can I offer subscriptions or are they one-off payments?

Subscriptions, discount codes and one-off payments can all be created to help market your courses and increase sales. 

Subscription models have the added benefit of having a steady source of income with automatic renewals which is great for your revenue. However, you might need to produce new content regularly to justify a customer’s continued subscription. 

A one-off payment model, on the other hand, makes it easier for you to make a sale and doesn’t require you to provide customer support 24/7. However, you do need to continually market your courses so you’ll have a steady flow of sales.

Will my customers pay for online courses?

Educational content has been widely accepted as something companies have to spend money on, so with that in mind, you can put a price tag on your online courses and expect customers to pay for them. This is especially the case when your customers are in an industry where the complexity of the work demands high-level skills that only your kind of training can develop. You just have to take into account how much your target audience will be willing to pay.

What price should I charge for my online courses?

The major factors that you should account for are the perceived value of your educational content and the business goals you have for selling your online courses. If your customers believe that the knowledge and skills provided by your online courses are vital to their success in their industry, they will be willing to pay a high price. 

You can either look at your paid online courses as a reliable direct revenue stream or as a means to facilitate product sales, wherein the former necessitates a profitable price point while the latter can allow for more competitive pricing. 

For loyal customers, consider offering discounts to increase trust.

How do I benefit from selling my courses?

It provides revenue which can offset the cost of the training program, or provide revenue to support other business activities.

There is also a value add to the credentials of customers who complete premium training courses, allowing them to pursue even higher career goals. You foster a stronger relationship with your customers that can lead to a more fruitful partnership in the future.

Can you manage the financial services on our behalf?

Yes, we can manage the entire solution for you. From course catalogue set up and discount code creation to managing revenue, refunds and payments, we can oversee, manage and report on all aspects of your eCommerce solution.

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Lloyd Smith

Managing Director at Wahoo Learning, Lloyd has been working in digital industries since 2004. Focusing on customer relationship solutions in his early career, he moved to learning solutions and has never looked back.

Having created numerous successful training solutions on behalf of clients in the US and Europe, Lloyd has the experience of what it takes to deliver a solution that meets the complex needs of customers. With a passion for new and emerging technologies, he is always looking at how these can benefit companies and learners alike. 

It's not all work though. Lloyd can often be found sailing on the local lake, and with two energetic young boys he rarely has a moment to rest.

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