Getting Decision Makers Onboard with Wahoo Learning

20th March 2024

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You are well on your way to getting your online training program off the ground. You know why you need it, the challenges it will solve and the benefits you and your organisation will experience moving forward. 

But, gaining agreement from your stakeholders is next on the agenda. You need to showcase how Wahoo Learning can support your organisation’s short and long-term objectives.

To help you demonstrate the value of partnering with us, here are some practical tips to help support your business case.

Define Your Requirements and Business Case

Defining who your decision-makers are and what their role is in the process is a key step to developing your business case. 

Can you answer these questions?

  • Who are your stakeholders?
  • What are their major challenges?
  • What are their drivers?
  • How does an LMS (and online training program) solve their challenges?
  • How does an LMS (and online training program) support their key objectives?

Once you have this level of understanding, you can set to work on creating your business case. Here is some key information to get you started.

Solving Stakeholder Challenges with Wahoo Learning

There will likely be several stakeholders forming part of the buying committee. To help you define their unique challenges and how an LMS solves them, we have outlined them below:

CEO Business Challenges

  • Driving growth – Aligning the core team with their vision to drive growth and revenue generation.
  • Corresponding with stakeholders – Keeping key stakeholders up to date and on board with core objectives and growth plans.
  • Controlling supply chain complexity – Enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving resilience against disruptions 
  • Compliance and risk management – Mitigate risks such as fines, legal challenges, or reputational damage that can arise from non-compliance.
  • Rising overheads – Controlling these expenses through efficient operations, and technology adoption.
  • Lack of agility and scalability – Ensuring their business model, technology infrastructure, and organisational processes are flexible enough to respond to market changes, customer demands, and growth opportunities without compromising service quality or operational efficiency.
  • Managing competitive pressures – Keeping ahead of competitors and remaining the brand of choice. 

Wahoo Leaning Solution:

  • Growth – Knowledgable, well-supported partners are more likely to increase sales outputs.
  • Support stakeholder correspondence – Online training ensures partners are aligned with organisational goals and strategies, offering measurable results to communicate with stakeholders. 
  • Managing varied relationships – Standardises knowledge across diverse partnerships, offering customisable yet consistent training experiences.
  • Minimises risk in communication – Standardises training across all partners, ensuring consistent quality and messaging that results in less chance for disruptions.
  • Keep overheads to a minimum – There is no need to increase overheads by employing a team to run, administer and support the LMS and training program
  • Worldwide coverage – Global training reach at the click of a button ensuring all partners receive the same level of training in their chosen language. 
  • Scalability on demand – Designed to move with the peaks and troughs of normal growth, the program can be scaled on demand and reduced when needed. 
  • Competitive advantage – Offering partners a superior training provision compared with competitors and a much-improved partner proposition
  • Cost-efficiency – Lower costs compared with face-to-face training by negating the need for travel, hotel and training expenses. 
  • Performance reporting – Tracking and monitoring tools to assess training engagement and participation

Operations Business Challenges

  • Over-reliance on expensive and time-consuming manual processes – Struggling with the inefficiencies and costs associated with manual operational tasks.
  • Reliance on a small team of instructors – Limited training capacity due to a few available instructors, plus a risk of knowledge loss when instructors leave the business. 
  • Missed growth targets – Falling short of achieving anticipated operational growth and expansion goals.
  • Inability to report on ROI – Difficulty in measuring and demonstrating the financial effectiveness of operations.
  • Limited resources to grow a training program – Facing constraints in allocating resources to expand and improve training initiatives.

Wahoo Leaning Solution:

  • Manual process automation – Automates training content distribution, enhancing efficiency and ensuring immediate access to updates.
  • Less reliance on individual instructors – Scales training delivery uniformly across partners without depending on limited instructor resources. Knowledge remains in the business and under control.
  • Quick partner onboarding – Offers rapid and on-demand training, speeding up partner readiness and effectiveness in sales and support.
  • Performance tracking metrics – By measuring training KPIs and aligning them with sales data, ROI can be reported. 
  • Cost-effective outsourcing – Reduces training costs and reallocates resources towards growth by leveraging online platforms for outsourcing.

Sales Challenges

  • Poor revenue growth – Struggling to increase sales figures through existing channel partnerships.
  • Gaps in partner knowledge – A lack of understanding of products and market strategies.
  • Low partner engagement – A shortage of enthusiasm and active participation from channel partners.
  • Subordinate reputation for supporting partners – Dealing with a perceived lack of adequate support and resources for partners.
  • Lack of consistency in training levels and expertise among partners – Leading to inconsistent performance.
  • High support costs – Related to providing support and resources to channel partners and end customers.
  • Limited insight – Into training outcomes and insufficient data to assess the effectiveness of partner training programs.
  • Out-of-date training – Working with training programs that do not reflect current products, technologies, or market conditions.
  • Slow onboarding – Leads to too much time for partners to become active.
  • Subpar partner training experience – Out- of-date content, no role-specific training and high costs to attend training in terms of time and money. 
  • No in-house resources – To support and administer a well-structured online training program.

Wahoo Leaning Solution:

  • Supports revenue growth – Arming partners with everything needed to successfully sell, install or implement your products, services or solutions.
  • Continuous partner development – Facilitates ongoing skill and knowledge updates for partners via accessible online platforms.
  • Deepen partner engagement – Enhances partner loyalty through interactive and relevant online learning experiences.
  • Consistent training at scale – Standardises training across all partners, ensuring consistent quality and messaging.
  • Reduced support requests and costs – Increases partner self-sufficiency, leading to fewer support inquiries and lower costs.
  • Insightful monitoring tools – Provides actionable insights into training engagement and effectiveness through real-time analytics.
  • Up-to-date, refreshed training content – Ensures training materials are current and relevant, maintaining partner engagement.
  • Swift onboarding – Accelerates partner productivity with immediate access to training materials.
  • Improved partner training experience – Offers partners flexible and convenient access to training, enhancing satisfaction.
  • Time-saving administration – Reduces administrative workload with automated training management features.
  • Efficient administration and support – Optimises training delivery and support, saving time and reducing expenses.

Marketing Challenges

  • Balancing strategies – Unaligned channel marketing strategies with overall corporate objectives.
  • Relationship management – Difficulty managing varied relationships with channel partners.
  • Ensuring relevance and continuity – No tailored marketing strategies to suit different channels while maintaining brand consistency.
  • Tracking and monitoring – Struggling to accurately measure the ROI and effectiveness of channel marketing efforts 
  • Utilising training to support enablement – Problems providing effective training and resources to channel partners for successful product promotion and support.
  • Navigating budget constraints – Inefficient resource allocation to maximise channel marketing impact.
  • Servicing global audiences – Inability to address cultural and regional differences in global markets for custom channel marketing approaches.

Wahoo Leaning Solution

  • Balancing strategies with objectives – Aligns partner activities with corporate goals through standardised, goal-oriented content.
  • Managing varied relationships – Standardises knowledge across diverse partnerships, offering customisable yet consistent training experiences.
  • Tailoring strategies while maintaining brand consistency –  Delivers channel-specific strategies alongside unified brand messaging.
  • Measuring ROI and effectiveness – Integrated analytics enable precise tracking of training’s impact on marketing efforts.
  • Providing effective training and resources – Offers real-time access to the latest product information and resources for consistent promotion.
  • Navigating budget constraints – Online training is cost-effective, maximising resource allocation and marketing impact within budget limits.
  • Addressing cultural and regional differences – Customisable modules cater to local market nuances and unique translation tools allow for training in over 120 languages. 

Finance/Revenue Challenges

  • Balancing pressures – Problems with offsetting short-term financial pressures with long-term strategic goals.
  • Ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting – Struggling to create reports based on real-time analytics and credible data sources.
  • Managing and optimising financial operations –  Including budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow.
  • Managing risk – Navigating threats related to financial operations and investments.
  • Overseeing financial aspects of business decisions –  Including mergers, acquisitions, or investments.
  • Maintaining financial stability – Especially during periods of rapid growth or market changes.
  • Assuring positive growth – Ensuring the company’s financial practices contribute positively to its valuation and overall financial health
  • Managing training eCommerce effectively – Inability to provide support in the form of payment processing, invoice raising and regular reports. 

Wahoo Learning Solution

  • Balancing financial pressures with goals – Enhances partner performance for immediate revenue gains and long-term strategic achievements.
  • Accurate financial reporting – Trained partners improve the reliability of financial data through adherence to reporting standards.
  • Optimising financial operations – Boosts revenue and operational efficiency, positively impacting budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow.
  • Risk management – Reduces financial operation and investment risks through partner education on compliance and risk management.
  • Business decision support – Prepares partners for financial stability post-mergers, acquisitions, or investments through targeted training.
  • Financial stability in growth/change – Quickly upskills partners on new strategies to adapt to market changes without straining finances.
  • Positive calculation impact – Aligns partner actions with company financial health and valuation through strategic training initiatives.
  • Reduced support requests and costs – Increases partner self-sufficiency, leading to fewer support inquiries and lower costs.
  • Keep overheads to a minimum – There is no need to increase overheads by employing a team to run, administer and support the LMS and training program
  • Supports training eCommerce – Removes the need for support from the in-house finance team. The entire process is outsourced. 

In a Nutshell, By Working with Wahoo Learning, You Will Experience:

  • A specialist, translatable learning platform designed specifically for training channel partners.
  • The ability to administer your LMS and scale your channel partner training without growing your team.
  • Tracking and monitoring of your training program with custom reports created for you.
  • Training program expertise on demand in the most cost-effective way.
  • Optimised eLearning course content that’s fit for purpose and offers maximum control over your costs.
  • Fast deployments and new product updates.
  • Confidence that training content is kept up-to-date without over-stretching your team.
  • A reputation for great, efficient learner support because it’s handled by a dedicated customer service team.
  • Better retention, engagement rates and performance from your partners.

And you will…

  • Be able to support partners who, in turn, feel more valued and want to maintain relationships with you.
  • Provide partners with instant availability and access to training, certification and recertification at a lower cost, and you’ll be able to save resources by automating your recertification system.
  • Experience more consistent results with your training and deeper penetration into your partner organisations.
  • Have highly trained partners to solve end-user issues, resulting in fewer product support calls.
  • Be able to communicate and experience the benefits of greater transparency of communication right down to relevant individuals on the front line, such as engineers and new sales staff who need training.
  • Make data-driven improvements based on real-time analytics. 

And there you have it—some helpful information to get you started on building your Wahoo Learning and online training business case!

Are you interested in a complimentary PDF version of this information? Simply click the button below to start your download and begin building your case for partnering with Wahoo Learning.


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