Customer Training

Provide your customers with a catalyst to boost growth through a focused, value-driven customer training program.


Boost Growth

Align your goals and encourage success with customer training

Communicating features, benefits and value gives your customers everything they need to promote and sell your product over competing brands.

Build reputation

Ensure consistent messaging and develop a reputation for nurturing and supporting your customers.

Accelerate success

Offer the tools and training needed for your customers to onboard successfully, hit the ground running and sustain growth.

Encourage loyalty

Develop and nurture trusted customer relationships that are mutually beneficial and long-lasting.

Boost revenue streams

Aligned goals and increased knowledge allows your customers to drive product sales.

Key Benefits

Benefits of delivering customer training online

Knowledge sharing

The ability to impart knowledge and introduce social sharing  facilitates interaction, the opportunity to share positive experiences and encourages success.

Increased efficiency

Reduce travel time and expenses while easily reaching global customers through online training delivery which can be delivered from a centralised location quickly and easily.

Strategic growth

Effortlessly view gaps in knowledge and identify areas for upselling or upgrading using intuitive monitoring and measurement tools.


Online training is available on demand allowing customers to take part in learning at any time, from anywhere, without the need to interrupt their schedules.

Accelerated onboarding

New customers are rapidly equipped with everything needed to expertly market and sell your product, allowing them to hit the ground running and start achieving sales. 

Certification and badging

Strong certification schemes reward commitment from your customers, offering additional opportunities for promotion and enhancing your brand and recognition in the marketplace.


Personalised workflows can be customised and adapted for each audience, ensuring the learning content is always relevant.


The training is aimed at mobilising and recognising customers ensuring they enjoy the business benefits of aligning with a company that cares about their success.

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Choosing the right LMS for customer and partner training

Successful Training

How does Wahoo Learning support your training program?

Our responsive features, services and solutions are specifically designed to build and manage successful channel partner training programs.


Run your training program with no internal resources. Our managed learning services reduce the time and effort needed to successfully administer and manage training programs.

Sell your training with no internal resources

Our fully integrated and managed e-commerce service allows you to sell training without requiring internal resources to manage finance processes.

User satisfaction guaranteed

Branded, dedicated multi-channel support ensures a smooth learner journey, reduced downtime, and a decreased need for internal resources.

Pain-free platform

An easy-to-use, learner-centric LMS encourages high adoption rates and provides a pain-free experience for all users, from administrators and managers to partners undertaking training.

Global delivery at the click of a button

Unique translation tools allow for translation to over 100 languages in real-time. Not just the courses and narration, but the learning platform too.


Track, monitor and gain insight into partner knowledge to identify areas for growth with an impressive selection of powerful standard or bespoke reports.

Secure hosting taken care of

Our expert hosting engineers fully manage and maintain your program to ensure continuous peak performance that remains secure and always up to date.

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Effective Solutions

Case Studies

Discover our real-life success stories, designing and delivering effective training solutions to global audiences.

Reaching Global Markets: Building Product Awareness

The Perfect Transition: A Move to Online Training

Localised Support: Customer Support Service

Global Knowledge Sharing: Channel Partner Training

Key Features

Accessible features to successfully execute your customer training

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Customer training is a method to help customers market and sell their products or services more effectively. Training can be delivered in a variety of formats, covering anything from onboarding processes and product tutorials, to providing customers with the education, materials and information required to meet goals and targets.

Customer training provides essential information to equip customers with the knowledge they need to effectively sell your product. A fully optimised, seamless customer experience adds value to your brand by increasing customer and end-user satisfaction and improving engagement and retention rates.

Unlike end-user training, customer training covers similar elements to channel partner training. A strong customer training program will focus on the brand and products they are supplying, information on various competitors on the market, and continuous company updates.

To appropriately set up a customer training programme, it’s best to focus on five key areas:

  1. What your program goals are.
  2. What technology you will use to deploy your training.
  3. How you can design learning that is useful and engaging.
  4. The method and timing of how you will deliver the program to customers.
  5. After launching your training, how you can gather feedback and respond to it to continuously improve and evolve your program.

The objectives of customer training are to educate your customers to sell your products, gain a competitive edge and increase overall sales for your company. This is achieved by providing them with extensive information surrounding your product and service.

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Lloyd Smith

Managing Director at Wahoo Learning, Lloyd has been working in digital industries since 2004. Focusing on customer relationship solutions in his early career, he moved to learning solutions and has never looked back.

Having created numerous successful training solutions on behalf of clients in the US and Europe, Lloyd has the experience of what it takes to deliver a solution that meets the complex needs of customers. With a passion for new and emerging technologies, he is always looking at how these can benefit companies and learners alike.

It’s not all work though. Lloyd can often be found sailing on the local lake, and with two energetic young boys, he rarely has a moment to rest!


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