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Our flexible pricing tiers are tailored to the needs of your organisation. Each tier, whether for our managed LMS or eLearning content production, is based on the specific requirements of your training programme.

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Unlocking the power of WahooLMS

Setup & theming

There is a little setup required to get the WahooLMS up and ready. This includes creating your version of the LMS and tailoring it to your specific design needs.

We have two options for this. We know you’ll love whichever option you choose.


Course material that delivers for your students

Great training is a given, but to keep things simple, we offer three tiers of eLearning content production, which reflect the amount and complexity of bespoke content included. The price is based on the number of minutes of resultant content produced, allowing you to calculate your total course costs.


Additional Publication Services

Closed captioning
Translated subtitles
Interactive animations
3D graphics
Panoramic environments
Virtual environments
Augmented reality
Closed captions are applied and timed to the material.
Material translations available to users.
Animates that the learner is able to click and manipulate.
Where 3d graphics are required which represent a physical object or concept, because of the additional time required to create these, they are costed separately. Where 3d graphics can be supplied to us, no additional charge is required for integration.
A panoramic interactive environment can be created where the user navigates a space and can click on click-points that prompt an action, which might be a video, a quiz, a separate piece of learning.
We can build a virtual environment where the learner interacts with the objects in that space. Feedback is provided based on those actions. This might be a virtual environment view in a standard browser or using VR googles
The ability for overlay digital animations and graphics over real-world items when view with a mobile device.

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