Our Latest and Largest WahooLMS Upgrade to Date

9th November 2022

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the next iteration of the WahooLMS, a Learning Management System (LMS) platform, specifically designed for training channel sales networks.

Why Did The Update Take Place?

Developed through unique insights from the market, demanding a dedicated platform tailored to the needs of channel partner training, WahooLMS offers customers an unrivalled level of customisation, dynamic training delivery, certification, intuitive course translation and integral shop functionality, all focused on a learner-led journey. The innovative platform ensures complete branding and control for customers, with the ongoing opportunity to develop and adapt the platform and add new resources when required.

What Has Changed?

The new WahooLMS delivers a bespoke and user-friendly catalogue of branded resources with accessible related learning, pre-requisites, and recertification requirements in an easy-to-view learner pathway, based on partner type, roles, and responsibilities. It has been developed to be fully customisable, using a company’s branding to look like an extension of their website, with the addition of custom organisational hierarchies, ensuring all partners have their own internal structure and a varying level of access through a live, intuitive dashboard.

Knowing that a company’s network can span around the globe, the platform boasts simple and highly accurate translation at the click of a button, enabling translation of both platform AND training content in real-time to global audiences in more than 120 languages, fully available regardless of the device used to access courses.

WahooLMS Dashboard Translation

A unique offering from Wahoo Learning is the sales function to sell and offer fully flexible discounts and promotions as required. The integral shop means users can purchase additional courses and information, without having to leave their learning environment or make potentially long-distance or expensive calls for more information.

Lloyd Smith, Managing Director for Wahoo Learning, and spearhead for the development of WahooLMS, comments, “We know that training external audiences comes with unique requirements, and we wanted to develop a solid platform that meets – and exceeds – those needs. Our dedication to delivering successful channel partner training led us to develop WahooLMS. Providing training to external partners requires specialist tools, and we believe our new platform offers the best experience for our customers and their partners.”

As part of the launch, we can provide in-depth demonstrations of the platform for current and potential customers, which has already proved successful.

What Does The Market Say?

One potential customer commented, “The level of translation is very impressive, and the user experience is particularly intuitive and easy to understand. There are lots of added features – such as the dashboard to view and manage training, and the discount and promotional code elements – which we have not seen before, along with the flexible feature for customised subscriptions to training.”

Wahoo Learning’s Commitment

We are committed to delivering a truly tailored and exceptional experience and will continue to invest in the self-developed LMS platform, by continually adapting and developing in line with the specific demands of the market – ensuring an industry-leading and future-proof platform.  

Lloyd adds, “When combined with our unique managed learning services, our solutions minimise the need for internal resources and address budget constraints – all while providing a seamless learning experience.”

To discover the latest capabilities and learn more or book your demo, contact the Wahoo Learning team here.


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