Managed Learning Services

Enhance your training offering by removing the time, resource and cost-heavy elements of successful online training program delivery.

Insight & Support

The Success of Your Training Program is Our Driving Objective

We oversee the entire training program, from day-to-day administration and performance monitoring to eLearning content creation and learner support, offering valuable insight and support wherever it is needed.

By choosing us as your managed learning service provider, you will benefit from our experience, expert knowledge and enthusiasm for delivering high-performing training programs.

Our services are designed to enhance effectiveness and complement your offering to your sales channels and customers.

Robust Services

Managed Learning Services to Deliver Cost-Effective, Hassle-Free Training Programs

Our suite of robust services is designed to transform your training delivery and act as a catalyst for revenue growth.

Learning platform

An adaptable, customisable learning management system (LMS) that supports organisations worldwide in creating successful training programs. 

Our powerful, intuitive and unique WahooLMS is specially designed and optimised for training external audiences.

Training delivery

Unique and innovative managed learning services designed to enable you to deliver successful training programs to domestic or global audiences. 

Working collaboratively, we take the strain away from the time and cost-heavy elements of running a successful program.

eLearning content

Whether it’s new eLearning course content, a content refresh or blended learning, our courses engage learners and encourage a learning culture. 

Our team of experienced design professionals can transform any source materials and create innovative, effective and engaging courses that are tailored to your audiences.

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What Our Customers Say

We can beat the Wahoo Learning drum but there’s nothing quite like hearing it from our customers.

Delivers first-class training at zero cost.

We’ve had a long relationship with Wahoo and are very happy with the partnership.  Wahoo Learning has provided a managed and outsourced training service for us since 1997. To be more specific, they’re able to digest our very technical and specialised information and distil it into useful courses. They manage...
Screenshot 2024-04-30 135427

CommScope Director, Enterprise Solutions Marketing

Courses always put the learner front and centre.

The Wahoo Learning Instructional Design team are always on hand to update existing courses or create new eLearning for product launches. They work professionally, often to tight deadlines, and the courses always put the learner front and centre.

Charlie Morrison Fell

Global System Engineering – Building & Data Center Connectivity

High-level multichannel support.

To guarantee the needs of our partners are met, Wahoo Learning’s customer service specialists provide high-level multichannel support to all our users, ensuring there is always a solution to any issues. The team understands CommScope and our customers and always works towards strengthening our reputation with our...

Charlie Morrison Fell

Global System Engineering – Building & Data Center Connectivity

Wahoo Learning is pivotal to our success.

The Wahoo Learning team provide the resource and knowledge to keep our training programme on track, always working proactively to make any required adjustments and seek improvements. Most importantly, we can trust them to get the job done. Wahoo Learning has given us the tools to deliver training across the globe...

Charlie Morrison Fell

Global System Engineering – Building & Data Center Connectivity

The delivery is stunning.

Whoever it was, the job is impressive. I can recognize part of my slides, but there are lots of new material, well added, and the delivery is stunning. Really a different level. Please pass my congratulations to the makers!
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Ricardo Diaz

Manager Digital Tools and Technology – CommScope

Highly effective at improving flow.

Scripting was highly effective at improving flow of information without hesitation. Great graphics to boot. Homerun!

Paul Kolesar

Fiber Systems Engineer

Expert Knowledge

The Benefits of Using Managed Learning Services

Save valuable time and resources

Administering a successful training program takes a significant amount of time. Usually, an entire administration team is required to develop content, manage and administer the learning platform, support users, control resources and other associated activities.

By working with a managed learning service provider, these activities are taken care of for you, without requiring additional internal resources, a time-consuming recruitment process or managing internal personnel.

Control your costs

When administered and managed in-house, costs can spiral out of control.. Either through too much time being spent on unknown tasks or employees needing to take on additional tasks. 

A managed learning service provider allows you to meet your budget requirements while delivering a high-quality, highly efficient, value-driven training program.

Experience expertise on demand

Delivering a successful training program that meets its objectives and aids revenue growth needs careful, expert management from experienced professionals.

Grow your knowledge and skill base without adding to your fixed costs by partnering with a managed learning service provider that grants you access to a deep roster of professionals with expertise in every area of training delivery. 

Full support

Users and learners alike need varying levels of support. Without it, you run the risk of damaging confidence in your brand and a network of unengaged learners.

Whether designing hierarchies, developing learner pathways or even password reminders and tech support, managed learning services ensure that every party receives the correct level of localised support, wherever they are based.

Team accountability

Naturally, your priorities will shift when dealing with training program delivery in-house. New tasks arise, different objectives require your focus and more often than not, training programs take a hit.

Keep your team accountable by working collaboratively with experts. Suggestions based on our knowledge, combined with regular feedback, ensures improvements are completed and your program stays on track.

Easily scalable

When your sales networks grow and your global reach is secured, you may experience new challenges with delivering timely and localised training. Often, there is limited scope to scale a training program to larger, global audiences.

Key to delivering a successful training program to a growing channel, a managed learning service provider will offer you the ability to scale quickly and easily. Reaching new markets and delivering global training can be achieved smoothly and at speed.

Progam Delivery

How We Deliver Our Managed Learning Services


We work with you to define your training program goals and learning objectives, giving us the information we need to offer you the best possible results based on your training requirements. 

The team configure to exact specifications and define clear KPIs, ensuring your chosen solution meets your business needs, drives learning and boosts long-term growth.


The initial migration of information can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Our migration service allows us to migrate your pre-defined programs into your new LMS on your behalf. 

If you already have other systems in place, for example a CRM or HR software, we manage the initial integration and keep everything working seamlessly.


We deliver a complete, bespoke training solution that reduces the administration burden on internal teams to ensure an effective training program is pushed beyond your organisation.

Our team support, customise and coordinate everything from a few modules of eLearning through to a blended learning approach, which includes eLearning, classroom or on-site training.


We understand that things change and fully support adaptive learning paths to ensure complete flexibility for learners and users alike. 

The team is always on hand to discuss and implement any changes in direction.


Working in partnership with you, our dedicated team provides everything you need to develop, deploy, administer and manage all aspects of your training program delivery. 

We communicate effectively throughout, keeping all parties well-informed.

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Who Can Benefit from Our Managed Learning Services?



Manufacturing companies often have complicated products that require a steep learning curve to enable a sales channel to achieve sales.

Our managed learning services give you the avenue to deliver consistent and engaging training to your channel, identify skill gaps and remedy any service, support or compliance issues.



From midsize to enterprise corporations, our managed learning service is an end-to-end solution that helps you strategically recruit, manage, onboard, and train your external sales network. 

You can create programs that further develop skills to improve your processes, strengthen your brand, and improve sales.



For your franchise network to continue growing, knowledge transfer is crucial, especially when onboarding, teaching best practices and product or service training. 

With our solution, you can provide training courses on a platform that incentivises people to learn, educates your franchisees, builds confidence in your brand, and ultimately increases profit.


Public Sector

Organisations in the public sector are usually placed under great scrutiny. Efficiency needs to be a top priority as budgetary concerns and ongoing consolidation shift under changing political climates. 

Our managed learning services help you deliver cost-efficient, high-impact results – all working within the necessary legal parameters.

Effective Solutions

Case Studies

Discover our real-life success stories, designing and delivering effective training solutions to global audiences.

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Reaching Global Markets: Building Product Awareness

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Need Help?

Your Questions Answered

Whether you’re ready to work with us or you’re just exploring and comparing your options, these FAQs are designed to help answer the questions we are asked most often.

Managed learning services facilitate the whole training process for many companies and organisations. Not every company has the capacity to deliver training programs without compromising other aspects of their business.

Outsourced LMS operation frees internal staff from undertaking simple but time-consuming administrative tasks. Key metrics are tracked automatically and presented as insightful reports, which can be scheduled for submission as required. Support is also always available to address any issue, ensuring training continuity 24/7.

In addition, LMS hosting is completely off-site in secure data centres, so companies with dedicated IT departments can focus on vital in-house systems whilst those without an IT team will benefit from a virtual training solution.

Managed learning services streamline your training delivery and bolster every facet of your business’ training program.

Our managed services lend themselves to businesses without a learning and development team, and those who will be providing training to external audiences such as channel partners, customers or distributors.

There are many benefits to using our fully-managed service, however we can create bespoke service levels depending on your organisation’s requirements.

Managed learning services are designed to reduce the time, budget and resource requirements needed to deliver effective, professional online training programs.

Yes. The WahooLMS has integral eCommerce functionality without additional or external online shopping pages. Your customers can buy training in a couple of clicks and instantly have the courses appear on their dashboard.

Our managed learning services ensure shop management, payment support, dispute management, fund handling and financial reporting are all handled by our expert team, offering you the confidence and means to grow your program.

Yes. From small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to multinational and global organisations, we currently deliver training to over 100,000 users globally in 190 countries. We offer fully scalable cost-per-user solutions that grow and flex with your operational requirements.

While a huge part of training relies on the quality of your courses, you will need technical and administrative support once you start running your program – unless you already have the in-house expertise and resources to make it happen. By not administering, managing and supporting the program effectively, you will likely experience low levels of engagement and poor usability, leading to the overall training program failing.

The more learners you have participating in your courses, the higher the administrative burden and the more customer support tickets you need to solve. Unless you have a dedicated team, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to offer the right level of service to your customers.

With our help, your team can focus on strategy and execution while we take the time-consuming tasks of administration and support issues off your plate.

Learner support services provide individual support to learners to help address any issues that hinder their training completion. This is especially important in distance learning situations where it is harder to see if a learner is struggling and if additional support is needed.

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Talk to a Managed Learning Service Expert

Lloyd Smith

Managing Director at Wahoo Learning, Lloyd has been working in digital industries since 2004. Focusing on customer relationship solutions in his early career, he moved to learning solutions and has never looked back.

Having created numerous successful training solutions on behalf of clients in the US and Europe, Lloyd has the experience of what it takes to deliver a solution that meets the complex needs of customers. With a passion for new and emerging technologies, he is always looking at how these can benefit companies and learners alike.

It’s not all work though. Lloyd can often be found sailing on the local lake, and with two energetic young boys, he rarely has a moment to rest!


News & Views

Deepen your knowledge with articles, infographics, white papers, product news and more. Become your own training expert.

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The Benefits of Managed Learning Services

Training is a crucial component of a successful organisation, but not every organisation has the resources to invest. Many training programmes start off well while there are dedicated resources and focus, but fail in the longer term because expertise dwindles over time and business priorities shift to new projects.
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