Everything You Need to Know About Our Managed Learning Services

22nd November 2021

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Are you looking at outsourcing your training and using managed learning services?

There are so many solutions on the market, so we thought it would be helpful for us to talk in-depth about managed learning services, what they encompass, and how they can benefit your organisation.

Of course, we understand this may seem a little subjective, but we want to help you decide whether our services are your best fit.

What are Wahoo Learning’s Managed Learning Services?

Our managed learning services are unique in that we aim to build a service package that covers the delivery and administration of the entire training program. 

We also want to make the program fund itself with very few internal resources or expertise required. 

The services have been designed to reduce the bottom line for our customers, all while delivering a premier training program to external audiences such as channel partners or customers.

What’s Included?

L&D administration

Administering a training program is time-consuming, and internal teams are often either not already in place or don’t have the expertise to optimise the program. 

Outsourcing the administrative functions to the experts frees up internal resources to strengthen and focus on the core business objectives.

LMS management

Understanding a new piece of software isn’t always quick and easy. If internal staff don’t grasp the ins and outs of the entire platform, some features will not be utilised so it will not be used to its full potential. 

The team that built the LMS are best placed to manage it to ensure it always operates at peak performance. 

As part of this, we fully manage the database and partner management.

eCommerce management

By selling courses to your external network, your entire training program can become self-funded and even turn a profit. It will also help to build stronger, more fruitful partnerships, encourage loyalty and increase brand strength. 

If you sell your valuable courses, you can do so without the need for any internal resources to process payments or deal with enquiries or product reports.

eLearning content production

Creating training material and keeping that material fresh and up to date is of utmost importance. This is especially the case if you are selling your training to external networks. Revenue can only be generated and courses will only be purchased if the learner sees the value they bring to themselves and their organisation.

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Learner support

Learner support ensures learners have a smooth journey; quickly, efficiently and professionally receive support for any problems that arise, whether user-based or training program based. 

Without the correct level of support in place, customer satisfaction could become an issue.

Reporting and monitoring

Having regular reports processed, reviewed and provided to you ensures an expert eye is always on improving and enhancing your program. Using data and feedback is crucial for making changes and evolving your training program. Without regular reports, it is impossible to see what is working and what isn’t.

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Who is it For?

A good fit for you if…

  • Your objective is to train your external networks – including channel partners, customers and franchisees.
  • You want to offset the cost of your training program.
  • You don’t have the internal expertise to develop and deploy a training program externally.
  • You don’t have a team in place to administer and manage the training program.
  • You don’t want the complications associated with hiring, maintaining and paying for a team.
  • You want to be confident that your training program will be constantly optimised.
  • You see the learning as an add-on feature of your offering to support customers but do not want a large internal resource to operate.
  • You want to build a self-funded or revenue-generating program.

Not a good fit if…

  • You want to train internal employees.
  • You already have in-house training program management expertise.
  • You have a Learning and Development team in place to support and manage your program.
  • You don’t want to create additional revenue by selling your training.

Why Did we Develop the Services?

In our experience gained over the last 20 years of managing global training programs, organisations that want to deploy new training programs to their external networks often don’t have the infrastructure to manage and support it, nor the budget available to create a long-term, successful program.

These training programs are often borne from channel sales departments that don’t have the resources available, and HR departments concentrate fully on internal training.

Outsourcing all of the administration and management to the experts gives organisations the confidence that their investment is in safe hands.

Not only is it a fully managed solution. It is continually handled by our experts, ensuring that the program pivots and changes at the correct time to meet the changing needs of the audiences it serves. 

Our service allows organisations to focus on core objectives while we take care of the training.

What Challenges Does It Solve?

When it comes to training programs, organisations usually experience three key challenges: lack of resources, expertise and budget.

As well as challenges with sourcing the in-house expertise to administer and manage the program, for revenue to be generated, training material needs to remain valuable to learners so they are happy to invest. 

Each of our managed learning services has been created to solve these challenges. They allow organisations to develop, implement and operate a training program that meets its objectives without internal resources or expertise needed.

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Is The Service Tailored To My Organisation?

Yes, we understand that the level of support required by organisations varies across the board. By working closely from the offset, we can create a package to suit unique requirements.


Whether it’s a complete lack of a dedicated training team or an L&D department that’s stretched too thin, managed learning services provide the scaffolding companies need to achieve their training goals. Going one step further, they can help provide you with a profitable training program with very little involvement from your organisation.

Now you know everything about our Managed Learning Services, discover why Wahoo Learning is the perfect training partner for your organisation. Read our blog post ‘Why Wahoo Learning is the Training Partner You’ve Been Looking For’ and find out how we can help you achieve your training goals.


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