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12th January 2022

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Are you developing a new training programme? Or perhaps refreshing eLearning course content or looking for new course content? There are such vast differences between some of what is available on the market today, so we wanted to explain, in full, what our eLearning production service is all about. 

This blog should provide you with a clear idea of what we offer as part of our design services, and whether it meets the needs of your organisation. 

Let’s explore…

What Is Wahoo Learning’s eLearning Production Service?

We have an in-house team of Instructional Designers who are highly experienced in creating engaging, value-driven learning material. 

By using specialist design tools and creating SCORM-compliant content, training material may be hosted on any platform and is optimised for delivery across multiple platforms. This allows us to utilise a combination of design techniques to bring any topic to life. 

We understand the success of your training programme, especially if you are looking to monetise it, relies on the quality of the learning material.

We also understand that some organisations already have training programmes sewn up and are purely looking for support with learning material design. 

As well as being beneficial and engaging, learning material must offer value to the learner. Our team fully understand this and strive to create tailored content that meets the specific requirements of any given organisation.

They are also highly experienced in helping organisations needing help moving from in-person training to online. 

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What’s In Wahoo Learning’s Creative Toolkit?


By utilising custom-built animation in eLearning, we can demonstrate ideas and concepts that can’t be expressed in a static image.


We have the expertise to create rich video-based training quickly and to exact standards. This includes showing product demonstrations you may have filmed or using custom-created video in the training to reinforce an idea or concept

3D interactions

We can model or photograph almost any object in 3D and use them in a course so learners can click, drag, rotate and interact with them as if they had them in front of them.


When something is seen as a complicated or tedious learning task, we can re-frame it as a fun competition that rewards dedication and mastery. 


Working with a range of professional, experienced voice-over artists, we ensure the narration for your training is conveyed in the right way.


Our translation tools allow for translation in real time. Not just the narration but also the course content too.

Immersive learning

You may have equipment that’s expensive, not readily available or the environment is too hazardous for inexperienced students. In these cases, a virtual environment is a perfect solution.


Whether these are short knowledge checks or exam-style deeper dives, we can create assessments that help with certification, learner tracking and programme reports.

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Who Is It For?

Good fit if…..

  • Your objective is to train your external networks – including channel partners, customers and franchisees.
  • You intend to sell your training courses. 
  • You don’t have the internal expertise to develop, design and launch eLearning content as and when it is needed.
  • You don’t have the capacity to deploy new training courses quickly and easily to high standards.
  • You don’t want the complications associated with hiring, maintaining and paying for a team.
  • You don’t want to manage outsourcing to several companies.
  • You want to keep the management of your training programme and course design under one roof.
  • You want to be confident that your training courses offer the highest level of value to the learner
  • You want to be assured that learning objectives are consistently met.
  • You want your learners to remain engaged with their training and retain as much knowledge as possible. 
  • You want to deliver engaging training from information and detail supplied from subject matter experts.
  • Keeping brand continuity is important throughout your training programme.

Not a good fit if…

  • You already have a dedicated in-house design team in place.
  • You don’t see the value in creating high-quality learning material.

Why Do We Offer It?

We offer the design aspect because we fully understand the training programme ecosystem and the benefits of keeping it all under one roof for customers. 

Not only does it reduce the time it takes for our customers to brief new teams and align them, but it also offers continuity and the confidence that training programme goals and objectives are reflected throughout the entire management process.

For us, the beauty of having these skills in-house is that we can also work with individual organisations purely on content development. 

What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing eLearning Content Production to Wahoo Learning?

Enhanced cost-efficiency

By outsourcing, the cost attached to employing new staff is reduced. Including eLearning course production as part of outsourcing to Wahoo Learning, also saves time in terms of team management, managing external teams and the additional time it takes internal staff to undertake further tasks as part of their current role. 

Increased speed to market

Taking content creation out of house and into the hands of professional content creators will ensure that your training is ready to go when you are. New courses and course updates can be created whenever necessary, and changes and amendments can be made whenever they are required. 

Allows staff to focus

Taking away the pressure of design from staff and SMEs allows them to focus on their roles and be ready to market, administrate and strategise a strong training programme.

Gain and maintain a competitive edge

By combining your expert knowledge with professional Instructional Designers, your training offering will set you apart from the competition and allow you to build a trusted training brand reputation.

Learning material holds the maximum value

Using principles of behavioural learning psychology enhances the learner’s experience and knowledge retention. From gamification, and simple knowledge checks to full assessments, high-quality content will keep your learners as active participants in their training.

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What Does The Process Look Like?

How Much Does It Cost?

The pricing page contains the latest cost for eLearning content. We base our pricing on a cost per minute of material and three tiers that build on the level of graphics and animations.


Whether you are looking for eLearning content production as part of a training programme project or it’s a standalone project you need, outsourcing to professional Instructional Designers will elevate your learning material and ensure it continuously offers maximum value to your learners.

For you, that means that your courses are always in safe hands, leaving you the time and budget to focus on core business activities. 

I still have questions! We know you might still have questions about our eLearning production services. If you have anything you want us to answer, our team will gladly help. Give us a call on 00 44 (0) 1460 279927 or get in touch with the Wahoo Learning team.


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