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Part of Wahoo Learning’s mission is to design compelling, engaging eLearning courses that deliver on the specified learning objectives.

MHA stands as the premier charitable care provider for the elderly in the UK. Since its establishment in 1943, MHA has devoted its efforts to nurturing the best care and wellness throughout later life stages. Today, MHA proudly serves over 4000 residents in its care homes, supports 3000+ seniors living independently in retirement communities and assists 11000+ elderly individuals residing in their own homes.

To deliver these indispensable services, MHA counts on the dedication of its 7500 employees and more than 400 volunteers. Together, they form a robust network, providing comprehensive care and support through various channels, including care homes, dynamic retirement living and active community groups.


In a bid to streamline its manual operations, MHA took a bold step to modernise its system by transitioning to a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This crucial change aimed to completely phase out traditional ‘pen and paper’ activities.

The CRM system was scheduled for a nationwide rollout, targeting all MHA employees and volunteers working remotely. Embracing the opportunity to enhance computer literacy, the training was designed to be both accessible and highly impactful.

The training needed to be simple, effective and accessible on a variety of devices, including desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Furthermore, with the CRM implementation already in progress, the timeline for completion was tight.


Understanding the unique needs of learners unfamiliar with digital work, Wahoo Learning developed user-friendly software simulations, complemented by voiceover narration and straightforward animation. This streamlined, easy-to-use model offered bite-sized, on-demand training modules.

We crafted microlearning sessions that could either be merged into a single comprehensive module or consumed separately, allowing learners to engage with specific training when performing particular tasks. This approach facilitated a steady learning pace and ensured the training was manageable.

With Wahoo Learning’s guidance, MHA could successfully roll out its new CRM system. This transition has significantly enhanced the efficiency of MHA’s staff and volunteers, freeing up valuable time and resources, thus furthering their commitment to exceptional elder care.


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