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We work closely with our customers, to ensure we deliver the training they need, in the correct formats, using the latest technology and innovative developments to deliver the best possible solutions for your business.

Our responsive features, services and solutions are specifically designed to build and manage successful training programs.

As a multi-billion-dollar network infrastructure provider, CommScope pushes the boundaries of communications technology to create some of the world’s most advanced networks. Its people and solutions redefine connectivity, solve new challenges and drive innovation to meet future needs all around the world – and therefore needs its training solution to do the same.


Since 2000, Wahoo Learning has been working with CommScope to deliver training to its channel network around the globe, across new and acquired companies, bringing together new training requirements and needs for flexible training programs.

Over the years, Wahoo Learning’s team has developed the “CommScope Infrastructure Academy” to centralise and standardise all company training.

With delivering training to global audiences came the challenge of delivering the correct level of multi-language support to both users and students. Without supporting diverse groups, across the globe, the uptake and engagement levels would be low. CommScope needed to meet the high expectations of its partners to maintain its reputation and experience the required growth and course sales targets.


The CommScope Infrastructure Academy is continuously updated and developed to adapt to the brand’s ever-changing needs. With new hires or acquisitions, we update the site and offer new ways to refine the training and learning available.

To date, the platform has facilitated more than 200,000 courses each year, with more than 100 catalogued courses managed online.

Wahoo Learning delivers dedicated multi-lingual, multi-channel support to all of CommScope’s partners, whether at a user or learner level, ensuring the program runs smoothly and learners can continue to learn regardless of any issues they may experience.

“The team understands CommScope as well as our customers and always works towards strengthening our reputation with our partners.”

Over 100,000 courses are now enrolled every year, with growth experienced year on year. Wahoo Learning has helped CommScope propel their initial partnerships from 700 to a colossal business driver of over 6,000 global partners.

In addition, over 28,000 (49%) completed full training material to achieve full certification.

The training program has become a driver of social media and community engagement for student engineers, designers and installers.


Global delivery
Translation services
eLearning content production
Course sales functionality
Finance management
Certification and badging
LMS solution
Learner support
Customer support
Full training program administration
Managed learning services


Localised training delivered in 120+ languages
A self-funded, revenue-generating training program
Constantly updated and refreshed, engaging eLearning courses
No internal administration, support or finance resources required
Reputation for looking after partner’s needs
Brand consistency and continuity
A network of product experts and brand advocates
Reduced product support requirements for customers and end-users

Client Testimonial

To guarantee the needs of our partners are met, Wahoo Learning’s customer service specialists provide high-level multichannel support to all our users, ensuring there is always a solution to any issues.


Charlie Morrison Fell

Global System Engineering – Building & Data Center Connectivity


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