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The ultimate channel partner training LMS is designed purely with you and your customers in mind.

Each and every feature has been carefully developed to promote engagement, streamline learning experiences and help achieve training objectives with ease.

Key Features & Benefits

Solving Challenges

Solve Common Channel Partner Training Challenges

Managing channel partner training comes with its fair share of challenges. Let’s explore some common hurdles and how WahooLMS provides the solutions to overcome them.

Challenge: Time, expertise and resource constraints in developing and managing training.

Solution: Wahoo Learning’s Partner LMS and training delivery services eliminate the need for additional internal resources.

Challenge: Training multiple partner employees in global locations.

Solution: Unique translation tools for seamless communication and engagement and robust tracking and analytics for real-time insights.

Challenge: Equipping channel partners with the right knowledge and skills for success, quickly and at the point of need.

Solution: Efficient onboarding, personalised learning paths, targeted content delivery, ensuring partners receive training for enhanced productivity and performance.

Challenge: Delivering consistent, standardised training to a growing partner network.

Solution: A centralised, cloud-based platform for accommodating a large user base worldwide and storing and updating training materials.

Challenge: Tracking training and ensuring compliance and certification requirements for partners.

Solution: Robust reports and tools for custom assessments, certification tracking and automated renewal reminders.

Challenge: High costs associated with delivering training face-to-face, including travel, time and material production.

Solution: Online training delivery via the WahooLMS to global, multi-level audiences at the click of a button.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Why Partner with Wahoo Learning to Deliver Your Partner Training?


The Wahoo Learning team bring expertise, drive and a consistent focus to help solve any challenges and ensure your training program continually runs at peak performance.

Hassle-free administration

Run your training program with no internal resources required. Our managed learning services reduce the time and effort needed to administer and manage training programs successfully.

User satisfaction guaranteed

Branded, dedicated multi-channel support ensures a smooth learner journey, reduced downtime, and a decreased need for internal resources.

Pain-free platform

An easy-to-use, learner-centric learning management system encourages high adoption rates and provides a pain-free experience for all users, from administrators and managers to learners undertaking training.

Sell your training

Our fully integrated and managed eCommerce service allows you to sell training without requiring internal resources to manage finance processes.

Discover how our cutting-edge features and tailored solutions can empower your channel partners

Effective Solutions

Case Studies

Discover our real-life success stories, designing and delivering effective training solutions to global audiences.

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