Why Wahoo Learning Might Not Be The Right Fit For You

12th January 2022

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In business, we are programmed to think about the requirements of a particular project and how these feed into the overarching core business objectives. Planning processes are formed by setting objectives and deciding the best course of action to achieve them. 

But part of the planning process should be: who do we want to work with? Why do we want to work with them? And are they the right fit for us?

To help answer these questions, we’ve put together this article that clearly defines reasons why we might not be the right fit for you and gives an insight into choosing the right partner for your business. 

We’re upfront and honest about what we specialise in and how this might mean you may need to find a more suitable training partner for your requirements. 

By the time you have finished reading, hopefully, we will have helped you with some decisions regarding which training services are appropriate for you. 

Reasons Why We Might Not Be Right For Your Requirements

Reason #1 – You are solely looking to train internal employees and have not considered training external networks

We specialise in training channel partners and external audiences. All of our expertise is formed by years of experience in this area, and our Learning Management System (LMS) is specifically designed for this purpose.

If you are purely looking for an internal training program run by your HR or L&D department, we are not the right fit for you. If you are ready to think about how you could sell your training to external networks, talk to us now!

Reason #2 – You have the resources and expertise to successfully run and manage your training program in house

Our business is built around the support services we know are needed to run external online training programs. Our LMS is not a standalone product. 

When developing your training program, if you know you have everything in place to expertly run and manage it, we suggest you look to another LMS vendor. However, we would also ask you, have you considered the possibility of creating a self-funded or revenue-generating program? 

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Reason #3 – You want everything installed on your own network and for it to be optimised internally

Our LMS is a managed cloud-hosted solution. It’s not deployable on a business’s individual IT infrastructure.

The benefit of our approach is that you have our full support. Not just for program management and administration but also from our team of developers and engineers. 

Security updates and additional features and functionality can be worked on whenever it is necessary. 

We also include any upgrades to the LMS as part of the package. 

Reason #4 – You are looking to train a low number of students with no opportunity for growth

If learner numbers are low and there’s no chance of expansion, the cost attached to an LMS and associated management services would be too high. In this case, look to using a free solution to get started.

What Can Help You Make The Right Decision?

Before deciding on which company to work with, there are some essential questions to ask yourself to ensure you understand your requirements. Answering these questions should give you a clear idea of the type of support you need, and the type of business you need to partner with to deliver on your training program objectives. 

Questions to ask yourself…

Who are you training and what does your audience need?

If your training program doesn’t answer the needs of your audience, it is highly unlikely they will engage with the content and be happy to pay for courses. 

By aligning your goals with those of your partners, you heighten the chances of shared success.

What are your training program objectives?

Without objectives, it is impossible to develop an effective plan and measure the success of your program. 

Having clear, concise program objectives allows you to develop a plan designed to meet those objectives. If the set objectives are not on-course for being met, this can be easily recognised, and you can pivot when necessary. 

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Do you want to manage the program in-house? What is your capacity?

Training programs need to be overseen, supported and constantly managed, whether that’s course design, learner support, or LMS administration. 

Covering all of these bases in-house can be costly and time-consuming.

If you don’t have the in-house infrastructure and expertise to manage your program, Wahoo Learning’s managed learning services (link to service page) are designed to encompass the management of the entire program, leaving you to focus on your business. 

Do you want to oversee the program? Is it part of your skillset?

From the initial stages, it’s important to have in mind who will oversee your program. That could be an entire team or if you’re outsourcing, a point of contact to communicate the ongoing requirements. 

How will you launch?

Once your plan to create a training program is underway, a launch plan should be formed to guarantee that your audience is on board with the program and ready to hit the ground running. 

That’s something we can help with. It’s also crucial to work with your marketing department, making sure all of your messaging communicates and sells the benefits clearly and consistently. 

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We know we’re not the right fit for every business. By writing this blog and being forthright about what we are and what requirements we are suited to, we also want to reduce any wasted time. 

If you want to talk to a business that can take all of the hassles away from delivering a training program, talk to us. We have the in-house expertise to make sure your program meets every objective, and we do so by drawing on years of experience and working in collaboration from the offset.  

Contact us today to discuss your training program needs and learn more about how we can help you overcome any challenges, even if Wahoo Learning might not be the right fit for you.


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