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Global Knowledge Sharing: Channel Partner Training

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Developing and optimising a channel partner training programme is fundamental to maximising partner relation.

By providing a formal training programme, you can offer your channel partners the tools they need to market and sell your products effectively, whilst establishing powerful partnerships and enhancing your competitive edge.

Since 2000, Wahoo Learning has been working with CommScope to deliver online training to channel partners around the globe, across new and acquired companies, including Avaya Connectivity Solutions.

As a multi-billion-dollar network infrastructure provider, CommScope pushes the boundaries of communications technology to create some of the world’s most advanced networks. Its people and solutions redefine connectivity, solve new challenges and drive innovation to meet future needs all around the world.

Standards are high and new operations need to offer consistency and assurance to external partners – training included.


To create an outsourced online training solution that would support the sales partner programme by giving the partners the skills, product knowledge and sales training to achieve their own business aims. This needed to be achieved under a self-funded model as no internal budget was available to support the programme.

Additionally, a discount scheme was needed to provide promotional opportunities and discounts to CommScope’s most committed business partners. While a level of training was already available, it was recognised that this needed to be more consistent, regularly updated and better managed.


“CommScope Infrastructure Academy”

Using a new customisable online training platform (LMS) that sits alongside CommScope’s existing website and supports online courses, webinars, videos, and materials for classroom training.

By centralising all existing training materials, and resources, Wahoo Learning were able to streamline previously fragmented budgets and courses into a user-friendly suite of standardised courses. This also allowed student certification for all of CommScope’s business partners – all branded beautifully in line with its brand guidelines.

As a result, the team created a self-funded programme with an established centralised training budget funded solely by course sales, allowing for more financial accountability and control.

Providing a fully managed service and LMS solution has encouraged learning and propelled sales growth amongst partners.

“By developing the CommScope Infrastructure Academy, and fully administering the training programme, Wahoo Learning has given us the tools to deliver training across the globe in a timely and cost-effective manner.”

Over 100,000 courses are now enrolled every year, with growth experienced year on year. The training programme has become a driver of social media and community engagement for student engineers, designers and installers.


Global delivery
eLearning content production
Course sales functionality
Finance management
Certification and badging
LMS solution
Learner support
Customer support
Full training programme administration
Managed learning services


Localised training delivered in 120+ languages
A self-funded, revenue-generating training programme
Constantly updated and refreshed, engaging eLearning courses
No internal administration, support or finance resources required
A strong reputation for looking after partner’s needs
Brand consistency and continuity
A network of product experts and brand advocates
Reduced product support requirements for customers and end-users
Fast, more efficient onboarding
Personalised student pathways, ensuring relevance and engagement

Client Testimonial

The team at Wahoo Learning are pivotal in the success of our global partner training programme. They provide the resource and knowledge to keep our training programme on track, always working proactively to make any required adjustments and seek improvements. Most importantly, we can trust them to get the job done.


Charlie Morrison Fell

Global System Engineering – Building & Data Center Connectivity


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