eLearning Content Samples

Introducing a set of eLearning course samples, designed by our in-house Instructional Design Team. 

Each sample encompasses each of our design tiers, from one to three, and include specialist learner interactions and knowledge checks.

Enhancing Partner Sales - Sample

This sample covers the topic of enhancing a partner sales strategy and showcases a varied number of eLearning techniques and styles we can utilise in our training.

Our new AI Instructor

This sample introduces our brand new AI generated instructor that provides a friendly and familiar face to introduce the topics. You'd be surprised how effective this simple features increases engagement.


A great product training module using 3D animated graphics, game-style quizzes and embedded videos.

EV Car

A great example training using advanced graphics, interactions and a human voiceover artist to explain the workings of an Electric Vehicle (EV).

Understanding Edge Data Centers

An example of our tier 1 content using AI-based narration including a fantastic game-based knowledge check.

Health & Safety

A health and safety training module, using a human voiceover artist, that keeps the learner engaged with clear graphics and a nifty game-based quiz.


A tier 1 based module starting with a game based quiz and incorporating advanced tier 3 graphics.

Fiber Safety, Inspection & Cleaning

A tier 2 module using bespoke graphics, animations and quizzing to make the technical process clear and easy.

FTTX Fiber

A tier 2 module using bespoke graphics, animations and quizzing to clearly explain a complex topic.

Introduction to MS Outlook

An introductory module, narrated by a voiceover artist, designed to provide a basic understanding of the principles of Outlook using software demonstrations and click-guides.

Effective Solutions

Case Studies

Discover our real-life success stories, designing and delivering effective training solutions to global audiences.

New Software Rollout: eLearning Content Production

Reaching Global Markets: Building Product Awareness

The Perfect Transition: A Move to Online Training

Localised Support: Customer Support Service

Global Knowledge Sharing: Channel Partner Training

Our Process

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