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Discover how Totara Learn and Wahoo Learning provide a learning platform with limitless possibilities, seamless integration and advanced capabilities.

We offer a Bespoke Managed LMS Solution

We create a tailored service, designed to meet your budget requirements and business objectives. Our bespoke approach allows you to pick from different theming options as well as ongoing management services. Bespoke plug-ins can also be added to your LMS without affecting the core code, keeping costs low and ensuring reliability.

A partnership that delivers 

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Wahoo Learning is a Totara Alliance partner and we provide the market-leading Totara Learn learning management system and learner experience tools to our customers. With 16 million learners across 1,800 organisations you can be confident you are in good company.

Introducing COMPASS

Built upon market-leading learning management system, Totara Learn, Wahoo Learning has developed a suite of LMS add-ons and tools we like to call COMPASS. Making learning management manageable, we bring advanced features designed to push your training beyond your business.

Rich in features and fully-customisable, our solution allows you to build and deliver successful training programmes to partners, customers, staff and more.

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Totara Learn features

Totara Learn is an adaptable, open-source learning management system that supports organisations worldwide in creating transformational learning.


Totara Learn is fully optimised for delivery across multiple platforms, allowing it to be used anytime, anywhere.


Improve learner performance by adapting custom learning pathways for different groups or individuals.
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Out of the box Totara Learn allows learners to tailor their learning journey through the use of personal customisation tools.  


Create custom learning plans for all learners, allowing for quick and easy access to appropriate training.
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Learning approach

A blended learning approach is fully catered for. Integral functionality can be used to manage training from external providers including support for face-to-face and online learning events.
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Monitor development and performance and easily track scores using Totara Learn’s powerful assessment engine.
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Customisable dashboards enable streamlined reports including completion tracking. Data can be exported easily, allowing for in-depth analysis.
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Totara Learn integrates with systems to keep compliance data in one place, optimising both workflows and user experience. 


Learners can showcase what they have learnt with a certificate and digital badges provide a quick and accessible way for your learners to prove their qualifications.
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Create positional, organisational frameworks and automatically map and assign learning to individual job roles, management levels, departments, and teams. Guide learners based on competency, skill level and job role.
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Simple administration tools and layouts allow for the automation of many admin tasks and encourage the use of the valuable tools available to enhance the front and back end experience.


Customisation isn’t just about the brand. Totara Learn has been designed to give full control over all aspects including layout, look and feel, and functionality.

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How COMPASS enriches your LMS experience

While Totara provides the fully-featured LMS solution, Wahoo Learning COMPASS provides a set of advanced add-ons that enrich the learner experience and allow us create bespoke packages, designed to meet your budget requirements and business objectives.

Who can benefit from our Managed LMS solution?


Manufacturing facilities often have complicated processes that require a steep learning curve from employees. There are also strict regulations that must be upheld. Our LMS gives you the avenue to deliver consistent and engaging training to your team, identify skill gaps, and remedy any compliance issues.


For your franchise chain to continue growing, a successful transfer of knowledge is crucial. With our solution, you’ll be able to provide training courses for both franchisor and franchisee on a platform that can incentivise people to learn the skills needed to do their jobs correctly, educate your partners about your products, build confidence with your brand, and ultimately, increase profit.


From midsize to enterprise corporations, our managed LMS is an end-to-end solution that can help you strategically recruit, manage, onboard, and train your employees and external audience. You’ll also be able to create programmes that can further develop their skills to improve your processes, strengthen your brand, and improve sales.


As a customer-facing industry, businesses in the retail sector face unique challenges like high turnover rates and rapidly changing business environments. An LMS solution like ours makes it easy for your HR department to train new recruits, motivate your employees to learn excellent customer service, and adapt to market changes by passing down information on new products, sales tactics, and marketing strategies.

Public Sector

Organisations in the public sector are often placed under great scrutiny. Efficiency needs to be a top priority, as budgetary concerns and ongoing consolidation shift under changing political climates. Our managed LMS can help you deliver cost-efficient, high-impact results for your professional development, talent recruitment, and retention—all working within the necessary legal parameters.

How we support your journey

The tools used for our custom build

Custom build

We appreciate that objectives and budgets vary from organisation to organisation. Our bespoke approach allows you to pick from different theming options as well as ongoing management services.

The financial reward of a cost effective solution

Cost effective

We have developed a solution which allows us to reduce implementation and deployment time. Bespoke plug ins can also be added to your LMS without affecting the core code, keeping costs low and ensuring reliability.

Working with partners across the world


From the offset, our account manager will get to know your organisation and understand the training challenges you face, including your objectives and outcomes, to ensure our solution ticks all the boxes.

Building on your brand for your customers


You have worked hard to create a brand identity that your customers know and trust. We work closely with you to match your brand, extending that reputation to your learners.

Creating custom designs


Our expert Instructional Designer’s know how to gather relevant knowledge and information which enables them to build a suite of high-quality eLearning.

A project lifecycle bringing people together

Project lifecycle

From the initial stages of design, through to programming, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver all your learning and development needs and exceed expectations.

What does our implementation process look like

LMS Implementation steps

Your questions answered

What is a Learning Management System?

An LMS is a Learning Management System – a business tool created to track, monitor and record employee learning on a corporate level.
Initially LMS’s captured quite basic information such as whether training had been completed and did the employee pass or fail. As purely data capture tools not much thought was ever given to the user experience for LMS’s for both the learner or the administrator.
However, times have changed, and Learners are demanding more from their LMS. Learners perform better when they feel engaged, and so modern LMS’s will support engagement, social learning and performance management.

What is the difference between an LMS and an LXP?
A learning management system (LMS) is a solution that lets you host, deliver, and track the progress of your training programme. The content is managed and administered by the HR, a trainer, or someone in the leadership team.

A learning experience platform (LXP), on the other hand, focuses on creating personalised learner experience through curated content. Everyone contributes the content that they want to learn, from the HR to the field sales agent to the front desk team. This is also a relatively newer term.

One solution is not better than the other, as your choice will ultimately depend on which one will best support your organisation’s needs. An LMS is better suited for a predetermined training that follows specific steps for it to attain its goal (e.g. compliance), while an LXP works best with organisations that want to give learners free rein to pursue their own professional development.

What is the difference between LMS and eLearning?
These two terms often cause confusion, especially for those who aren’t yet well-acquainted with this industry. You might even see some online sources using both interchangeably.

eLearning is a course, a programme, or a degree that works outside the four walls of a traditional classroom. These are delivered online but can still retain interactivity with trainers and fellow learners. An LMS is a solution that allows organisations to create these courses, adding elements of gamification, interactivity, engagement, and customisation.

Think of eLearning as a lesson, an individual piece of learning, while the LMS is the platform where that lesson is stored and holds a record of how the learner performs in that lesson.

What is gamification in an LMS?
There are different types of gamification that you may see within LMS’s. When we talk about gamification, we talk about it in the “play to learn” space. We create games within an elearning module to help with both learner engagement and knowledge retention. Studies show an increase in knowledge retention if learners feel that they are playing a game. By interacting with the learning, it keeps a learners attention longer and increases their engagement levels.

Another form of gamification is earning points for completing tasks in the LMS, whether for having the most training courses finished, completing training in the quickest time, or having the highest assessment score. The creation of leader boards aims to encourage competition between learners.

An extension of this form of gamification is to incentivise employees by converting points into rewards. That could be points to spend in an online shop, redeem against external training courses, or vouchers for weekends away. Organisations use this type of gamification to foster brand or programme loyalty.

What kind of support do you offer?
We offer LMS administration support as a managed service, as well as front end user support via our Customer Support solution.
What if I already have content?
If you have Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant content, then it will play on our LMS solution. If your content is still in Flash, we offer a conversion service. If your content is still in PowerPoint or slides, then feel free to talk to us about our elearning authoring and content creation services.
Do you offer off-the-shelf content?
If you don’t need your training to be branded or aligned with company policies, procedures or ethos then off-the-shelf content can be a quick and easy option to get content onto your LMS. Through our Partner network, we can provide thousands of off-the-shelf courses across a variety of subject matters that come with pay as you go or subscription models. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
Can I sell my training?
Yes, Wahoo Learning’s Compass adds eCommerce functionality directly into the LMS, without the need for additional or external online shopping pages. Your customers can buy training in a couple of clicks and have the courses appear on their dashboard instantly. Our eCommerce functionality gives you seamless transactions, and if you take our fully managed service the payment transaction costs are taken care of too.

The platform allows you to segregate training created for your employees and training you want to sell to your customers, channel partners, supply chain, and contractors.

Can you support an organisation of any size?
Yes, from small/medium size enterprises (SMEs) to Multinational and Global Organisations, we are currently providing training to over 100,000 users globally in 190 countries. We offer fully scalable cost per user solutions that grow and flex with your operational requirements.
What industries do you serve?
We have a range of industry and sector experience within the team that have worked on Learning and Development projects in areas such as Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Brewing, Automotive, Aerospace, Cable and Wireless Infrastructure, Financial Services, Environmental, Carbon Economies, Biofuels, Sustainability, Health Service, Public Sector, Government, Telecoms, Utilities.
Is the platform adaptable and customisable?
Yes, our solution is highly adaptable and customisable. At the heart of Wahoo Learning COMPASS solution is Totara Learn, and Totara itself is built using Moodle as a foundation. This open source software allows developers to augment, configure and tailor eLearning in such a variety of ways to see the individual needs of an organisation.
I’d like to brand the LMS with our Company colours and Logos, is this possible?
Absolutely yes. We have two fixed price theming options available for the platform look and feel. Advanced and Advanced+. Advanced allows for your logo and colour schemes to be used across the standard COMPASS platform. The Advanced+ option allows you more customisation akin to your website with imagery and fonts and even allows you to add additional tabs in the platform header such as Blogs.
What format should these training materials be in?
Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant content. If content is still in Flash we offer a conversion service. If your content is still in PowerPoint or slides, then feel free to talk to us about our elearning authoring and content creation services.
Does it come with easy progress tracking & reporting?
Our COMPASS solution offers advanced tracking and reporting functions. Users can select pre-determined reports, or they have the option to produce custom reports. If you are a fully-managed service customer, we can produce the reports on your behalf.

Let’s get started

Talk to an eLearning solutions expert

Lloyd Smith

Lloyd Smith

Managing Director at Wahoo Learning, Lloyd has been working in digital industries since 2004. Focusing on customer relationship solutions in his early career, he moved to learning solutions and has never looked back.

Having created numerous successful training solutions on behalf of clients in the US and Europe, Lloyd has the experience of what it takes to deliver a solution that meets the complex needs of customers. With a passion for new and emerging technologies, he is always looking at how these can benefit companies and learners alike. 

It's not all work though. Lloyd can often be found sailing on the local lake, and with two energetic young boys he rarely has a moment to rest.

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