LMS: The ultimate buyers guide

All you need to know when deciding which LMS is best for your organisation.

Ultimate buyers guide

Buying an LMS for your organisation is a huge responsibility. Finding the right solution that fits both the need of the learner and the needs of the business can be tricky. This webinar aims to guide you through some of the major considerations that other before you have thought about, which we hope you will find useful in your own search.

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The author - andy chatwin

The author - Andy Chatwin

With 20 years experience of coaching teams and individuals I am a real advocate of performance improvement, digital transformation, and sustainable business initiatives.

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How to manage your training programme successfully

How to Manage Your Training Programme Successfully

A strategic training programme requires continuous and consistent management to succeed. Following a step-by-step process will not only benefit the development of your customers and channel partners but your entire organisation.

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What to look for in partner training software

What to look for in Partner Training Software

Partner training software (sometimes referred to as a Learning Management System) is an eLearning platform that will help you train your external partners, including your franchise owners, resellers, distributors , agents, and installers. This platform allows you to plan, deliver, and track the training programmes that you develop.

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Wahoo learning vs in-house – which is best?

Wahoo Learning vs In-House – Which is Best?

In the early stages of training programme development, planning how you intend to support, maintain and manage it is the key to its success.

For this, there are generally two options: outsourcing to a specialist or keeping it under one roof in-house.
However, deciding how to move forward isn’t clear cut. Many factors can impact the decision.

We are not about to tell you to outsource to us. It’s about us helping you explore your options and make the right choice for your requirements.

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Everything you need to know about the wahoolms

Everything you need to know about the WahooLMS

Whenever we make a decision to purchase a new product or service, we all have questions. Choosing the right LMS for your organisation can be a difficult decision, especially as there are so many options on the market.

We’ve written this blog to save some of the guesswork and answer any questions you may have ahead of your decision.

The WahooLMS has been specifically created for training external audiences so it’s important to us to explain the how, why and what.

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5 problems that can occur after you launch a training programme for external audiences

5 problems that can occur after you launch a training programme for external audiences

Developing and launching a training programme to help solve the challenges associated with managing a channel partner network is a major feat and a positive step towards business growth.

However, many businesses attempt to launch without futureproofing their programme.

So, before you start developing your programme or try to find a way to deliver your training, we want to discuss the common challenges that can occur before and after launch and use our experience to help you avoid these pitfalls.

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What is training programme management?

What is training programme management?

Caterpillar’s historic comeback was nearly three decades ago, but the principles behind its success still hold true. Given proper support, your external sales network is the key to new markets, the upholder of your brand’s integrity, and your partners in securing loyalty. But in order to become all of these things, businesses need to provide adequate support and training.

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