How Managed Learning Services can help your business scale-up

Published: 11th November 2021

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The average business can take weeks  of developing, testing and iterating a single training course before it launches. Some plot out programmes on a yearly basis. However, due to the rapidly evolving nature of the skills we need to work today, that approach will no longer be efficient. 

These changes call for a more dynamic, adaptive approach. But with many training development teams already understaffed, the extra load can lead to mismanagement of resources, and failing to train for the skills learners can actually use.

Here’s where an outsourced learning partner can give your in-house team the extra hands–and expertise–they need to bring training efforts up to standard.

What Are Managed Learning Services?

Managed learning services (MLS) are  end-to-end training solutions that can help companies stay on top of their training needs. This can range from creating individual courses to managing the entire gamut of training efforts within an organisation. 

Services Offered As Part of  Managed Learning Services:

  • Content Production: Ideation, development and iteration of learning materials that meet the required learning objectives. Material can be produced in a range of formats including eLearning courses, videos and webinars. This stage includes identifying and coordinating with subject matter experts who may or may not be from the company.
  • Training Administration: Involves overseeing the deployment of a programme, which includes making sure learners stay engaged and complete courses within the allotted time frame, conducting tests and assessments, and collecting feedback from learners.
  • LMS Management: Ensuring learning platforms remain intuitive for users, course catalogues remain up-to-date with fresh content, and user data remains safe with regular security updates and reviews.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Collecting and tracking of key metrics such as test scores or completion percentage rates to assess the progress of learners and the quality of programmes. Can also include tracking revenue and job performance, which gives companies a clear link between training efforts and business goals.
  • Learner Support: Includes supporting learners with any issues from simple password reminders and assistance choosing the correct courses through to working on user technical issues to minimise downtime, providing a smooth journey and reducing the need for internal resources.
  • Training eCommerce: Enabling organisations to sell courses and generate revenue without the need for any internal resource to handle payment processing, invoicing and reporting. 

Ways Using MLS Providers Can Help Your Business Grow 

Bespoke Programmes At Scale

The training needs of a business is as diverse as its learners. Your sales department will need customer relationship management and negotiation training. IT departments need to be kept up to date with the latest security protocols and practices. External channel partners such as resellers, installers and distributors need regular technical training on product knowledge. 

Add tracking and monitoring the progress of all these learners, and you’ve got a veritable web of responsibilities any business can struggle to manage. An MLS partner allows you to provide custom training for all your learners without sacrificing speed or quality. This, in turn, supports growth and improvement across the entire organisation.

Optimised Spend

It’s not uncommon to hear about companies who set out with a budget, yet overshoot it because of poor visibility and coordination. Caught between the many moving parts of a training programme, it can also be easy to fixate on the wrong thing. Companies waste a staggering £66 billion on inefficient training. 

A competent MLS partner not only helps you improve performance and profitability by equipping your learners with skills they actually need. They can also identify how best to stretch your budget according to your needs and cut the fat from your training programmes. These cost savings can be redirected to other core functions of your business, such as product and service innovation.

Frees Up Resources

A highly interactive 17-minute training course can take as long as a month to develop. And that’s just one course. Depending on the sector, companies cumulatively spend 4.6 to 8 days on training per year. 

That’s a lot of manpower hours dedicated to just one function. By handing over development and implementation to a managed learning service, businesses can free up professionals to work on other critical business needs, such as addressing the current global labour shortage. In the UK, job vacancies soared to an all-time high of one million earlier this year. While your MLS partner covers learning and development, you can focus on filling those gaps and strengthening your workforce.

Puts You On Top of Trends

Training has always been a fast-changing landscape. New skill requirements, tools, and ways of working require businesses to stay flexible and innovative to stay relevant. Old simulations that used to run perfectly on legacy systems now need to be migrated onto newer, more sophisticated platforms.

In the wake of large scale work-from-home arrangements, the speed has picked up even further. Rapid reskilling is one of the top trends for businesses coming into next year. 

Training programmes plotted out years in advance will prove useless in the face of this pace. Managed learning services help businesses keep their training programmes up-to-date.

Keeps You Agile

In the office, it’s getting harder to do business as usual. The skills needed to do a single job is increasing by 10 per cent year-over-year and L&D departments are struggling to get ahead of the tide.

Outsourcing course creation ensures your material is consistently updated. Companies can also pivot and change focus with relative ease, with much of the work already offloaded onto MLS providers.

That’s why creating programmes around predictions made months in advance will no longer be enough. Staying competitive means adopting a more reactive approach to skill gaps as they surface. Managed learning services, with their experience in creating bespoke programmes, can help your business pivot skills training when needed.

Expertise On-Demand

Learning and development is high on the priority list of many organisations, according to research by Deloitte. Yet only half of companies feel equipped for the constant reinvention and iteration needed to keep their learners well equipped for the demands of the future. The majority of companies lack the headcount to develop programmes at a competitive pace.

Managed learning services bring a wealth of insight to the table, gathered through working with different companies in different verticals. This unique vantage point allows service providers to propose innovative strategies and opportunities for improvement that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Historically, many companies have overlooked the importance of training. But a growing body of research is proving that this once undervalued function is key to the growth of the business in many ways, from attracting and retaining talent to increasing profitability from external channels. 

Companies are finally taking notice. More and more are turning to managed learning services to bring their learning initiatives up to and beyond industry standards. With the right partner, businesses can turn their training programmes into the edge that puts them ahead of the competition.

Ready to take that step with an expert MLS provider? Start reimagining where you can take your business next with our extensive scope of services at your disposal. Contact us here to get started.

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The author - lloyd smith

The author - Lloyd Smith

Lloyd is the Managing Director of Wahoo Learning. He has a passion for the learning technology industry, particularly the latest innovations and technologies.

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