By utilising training to build product and solution awareness, Redwood were able to bring products to market quicker and reach a significant audience, through an educated partner network.

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The challenge

Redwood’s Building Intelligence Platform was developed to allow businesses to utilise smart technology to make significant savings in office energy costs, work space utilisation and workforce productivity.

After a large merger saw the company inherit a significantly larger global distribution channel, they came to Cabling Science with the challenge of delivering training around this their core business solution.

The process

Redwood’s goal was to deliver training through this new global channel, to both internal sales teams and external partners alike. This would involve additional education in the specialist intelligent building and lighting markets, as well as devolving highly centralised technical know-how throughout the channel to avoid overburdening key personnel. All of this training needed to be implemented promptly and the course materials kept up to date to respond to changes in this rapidly evolving market.

Working closely with Redwood’s team of experts and using just basic slides Cabling Science were able to produce an entire pro-voiced course structure, complete with assessed qualifications, certification and ID badging just weeks after the project’s inception. The training delivery system and the expertise of the publication team also allowed the quick scaling and development of a huge amount of centralised expertise into five distinct courses, which could then be delivered throughout the global channel.

The results

All of this was achieved with capital expenditure and resource allocation kept to a minimum. Redwood now has a qualified expert base and a platform on which it can deliver up to date training around its Building Intelligence Platform long into the future.

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Redwood Systems, a lighting performance solutions provider with offices in the US and UK, is a leader in light emitting diode, or LED, technology solutions that help facilitate lower cost and higher-performing workplaces.

Employees: 100

Suddenly under pressure we needed a fast way of multiplying Redwoods technical and sales resource to get our solution message out to our global staff and partner base. Cabling Science co-produced a series of courses within months that we could deliver via the CommScope Infrastructure Academy site they manage for us.


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