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Managed training services and eLearning solutions drive learning, build trust and further your reputation.

What we do

We understand the importance of effective training. Our innovative solutions allow us to work successfully with organisations of all shapes and sizes to deliver high-quality, bespoke training services.

By becoming partners in your training, we aim to reduce the resource, expertise, deployment time and capital investment you need to develop and manage your own training solutions.

From eLearning content creation to our fully managed training services – and just about everything in between – our team can support your journey to becoming a successful learning organisation. Quite simply, we can make it happen for you.

Years of history



Our solutions

A suite of services, built upon our experience and expertise, designed to take your training to new heights.

Our ethos

Flexible approach

We pride ourselves on the flexibility we can offer. Our team will work on an adaptable solution to suit any training objectives. 

Bespoke solutions

We understand learning and development projects differ, so we offer custom packages, tailored to individual requirements.

Unique support services

Our managed learning services allow you to define your level of input. They ensure processes are streamlined and KPIs are met.

Cost effective solutions

Each of our solutions are specifically designed to provide the best ROI and value for money.

Expert, approachable team

Our specialist team offers relevant knowledge and expertise built upon years of experience – all backed up with a friendly and responsive approach.

First rate customer support

From initial consultation, throughout the project and on to completion, our team are on hand to offer help and support whenever it’s needed.

Don’t take our word for it

What our clients say

"The Wahoo Learning team provide us with the resource, expertise, focus and drive required to modernize and dramatically extend our global training presence fast and cost effectively. It delivers essential solution training freeing our technical and sales resources, gives us kudos and challenges our competition – a truly winning partnership"

James Donovan, VP Education Services – CommScope


"I have to say I am very impressed by the graphics and overall looks, It is an awesome work! Just beautiful."

Marta Ripa, imVision Technical Consultant – CommScope

"Scripting was highly effective at improving flow of information without hesitation. Great graphics to boot. Homerun!"

Paul Kolesar – Fiber Systems Engineer

"Whoever it was, the job is impressive. I can recognize part of my slides, but there are lots of new material, well added, and the delivery is stunning. Really a different level. Please pass my congratulations to the makers!"

Ricardo Diaz, Manager Digital Tools and Technology – CommScope

News and views

Deepen your knowledge with articles, infographics, white papers, product news and more. Become your own training expert.

The One Common Pitfall to Avoid When Choosing an LMS

The One Common Pitfall to Avoid When Choosing an LMS

Over the years, we’ve heard from so many organisations that are unhappy with their learning management system (LMS). What looked like a great deal all those years (or even months) ago, with all the possible bells and whistles included, now suddenly doesn’t look so appealing. So why do so many organisations get it so wrong? Surely it shouldn’t be so hard to find an LMS that just does what you need it to do?

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8 Tips to Improve Your LMS Course Completion Rates

8 Tips to Improve Your LMS Course Completion Rates

Training has become an integral part of why people choose a company and stay with them. This goes for internal staff and also external partnerships where a training programme helps to build a long-lasting relationship.

However, even with this clear demand for training, some organisations still have problems with course completion rates, even when it’s done on a convenient online platform like a learning management system (LMS).

In this article, we’ll diagnose the major reasons why this happens and what you can do to combat them.

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