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Our expert team will work with you to create engaging bespoke and customised eLearning content for all your training needs.

The expertise to deliver success

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The success of your training programme relies on the quality of the training material. At Wahoo Learning, we don’t just design, our expert eLearning course production team draws upon proven experience to define and produce content that meets your objectives.

Whether it’s new course content, a content refresh or a new blended learning approach, our instructional designers can transform any source materials to create innovative, effective and engaging content that is tailored to your audience.

Our specialist production tools optimise content for delivery across multiple platforms, allowing us to use a combination of design techniques to bring any topic to life.

How we can help create custom elearning tailored to your needs


Our expert creative team knows how to gather the relevant knowledge and information, enabling them to build a suite of high-quality eLearning.


If you’re looking for a different approach to training, we can convert your material into an engaging eLearning or blended learning experience.


We understand the importance of branding and will work with you closely to ensure continuity and awareness, every step of the way.


We’re specialists in learner engagement and create eLearning content to capture the attention of your users.

End to end

From the initial stages of design, through to programming, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver all your learning and development needs and exceed expectations.

SCORM compliant

All our elearning content is produced in SCORM format using Captivate or similar enterprise grade authoring tools, to ensure maximum compatibility and portability.

Our creative toolkit

Combining our knowledge with expert creativity, we use the latest skills and systems to deliver your eLearning objectives.


While a picture may paint a thousand words, we believe an animation paints a thousand more. Demonstrate ideas and concepts that can’t be expressed in a static image with a custom-built animation.


We have the expertise to create rich SCORM or video-based training, quickly and to exacting standards.

3D Interactions

We can model or photograph almost any object in 3D and use them in a course so learners can click, drag, rotate and interact with them as if they had them in front of them.


When something is seen as a difficult or tedious learning task, we can re-frame it as a fun competition which rewards dedication and mastery.


Working with a range of Voice Over Artists, we ensure the narration for your training is conveyed in the right way.


Our translation tools allow for translation in real-time. Not just the narration, but also the course content too.

Flash Conversion

With Adobe’s Flash software due to exit at the end of 2020, it’s important for companies to ensure conversion plans are in place to avoid losing training continuity. As well as simple conversion, this is the perfect opportunity to modify, refine and refresh your training content.

Immersive Learning

You may have equipment that’s too expensive, not readily available or the environment is too hazardous for inexperienced students. In these cases a virtual environment is the perfect solution.

More Samples

Flexible Pricing

pricing that is simple and clear

The pricing for our eLearning course content production is based on three tiers of customisation and complexity. This video compares those tiers throughout an entire lesson:

  • Source Content
  • Tier 1 – Basic – use of an authoring tool
  • Tier 2 – Advanced – light use of creative design
  • Tier 3 – Advanced Plus – heavy use of creative design

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