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18th October 2021

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Here is everything you need to know about Wahoo Learning, how we work and how we can support your organisation’s training requirements.

Who is Wahoo Learning?

To put it simply, Wahoo Learning is a managed learning services provider that offers an end-to-end solution to delivering online training programmes.

Our specialism is delivering these programmes to your external sales networks, for example, distributors, resellers and installers.

From initial planning and onwards, we have the in-house skills, expertise and industry insight to successfully develop, deploy and manage your customer or channel partner training programme.

Our services and supporting LMS are there to solve the three major challenges that organisations come across when implementing online training programmes:

Lack of resources: Our solution reduces the internal resource requirement. We focus on the programme and then keep it updated.

Lack of expertise: Our experts are on hand to manage the solution, optimising the programme and ensure maximum return on investment.

Lack of ongoing budget: Full finance management services to enable training monetisation. Create and manage a revenue-generating or potentially self-funding programme with no internal resources.

What do we offer?

Ultimately, we help organisations solve budget and resource challenges associated with successfully training channel partners using our specially designed Learning Management System and unique management and support services.

Why did we develop our range of services?

Through our work with our customers, we knew there was a market for outsourced training programme management. Each of our services had been developed to help our customer, American global network infrastructure provider, CommScope, overcome the challenges they were facing with its partner training programme.

The CommScope Infrastructure Academy (CIA) was developed before so many LMSs’ were on the market, therefore it is optimised for external training rather than internal which most LMS are. From the CIA, the WahooLMS was developed.

But our LMS is quite unique when compared with others, in that we aim to build a package that encompasses the whole service and, if possible, enable it to be self-funded. This reduces the bottom line for our customers, while still delivering the high-quality service their students, customers and partners expect.

Working with CommScope (and others!) proved to us that training programmes are more than just ‘set and forget’, they take constant management and optimisation to ensure they are running at the highest possible level. The management takes up a lot of time and resources.

Who is Wahoo Learning for?

The Wahoo Learning team are expert in delivering external training programmes to the likes of channel partners, customers, distributors and franchises.

We’re a good fit for….

Organisations (whether domestic or global) that manufacture technical products that are sold through external channels.

These channels could be affiliate partners (who get a commission on each purchase), resellers, value-added providers (who typically bundle your product with their own), or another external entity that is not employed directly.

If you see learning as an add-on feature of your offering to support customers, but do not want a large internal resource to operate the training programme, that is where our strengths lie.

We’re not a good fit for….

If the primary function of your training programme is to train internal employees or if you are just looking for an LMS and you either have or plan to have a full team internally to manage, support and optimise your programme, then our platform would not be a fit.

What results can you expect to see from the partnership?

  • Successful training programme with very little input required
  • Reduction in resource requirement for training programme management
  • Reduced overheads for training programme management
  • Reduction in costs for overall training programme running
  • Greater insight into the success of your programme through reporting and monitoring
  • Greater educated partner base
  • Increased partner satisfaction
  • Better-supported learners, leading to higher course completion and satisfaction rates
  • Continual improvement in the quality of the programme through updated material

How long does it take to get up and running?

Once contracts are in place, the setting up of a fully customised training platform (LMS) only takes a matter of weeks. That’s because we don’t need to build the LMS from scratch. Your solution is built upon the tried and tested WahooLMS platform that’s been used to train hundreds of thousands of students to date. We then customised it to meet your brand requirements and deploy it to match your network.

During this setup time, all of the management services, including programme management and learner support, are also established and refined to your requirements.

If learning content is to be designed from scratch, the time taken to deploy all courses is dependent on the level of design work required from us. However, if you have pre-designed content, in the correct format, it can be added instantly.

We always recommend launching your programme with a small set of your highest priority course content first and then building on this over time. This initial content can be constantly improved and enhanced using feedback from your partner base.

What happens when we start working together?

So, you’ve signed your contract…now what…

We take a further, detailed look into your requirements, how you want the solution set up, how the support services would work for your audience, and if there are any specific hosting requirements for your organisation.

Then we will go away and build your solution based on those requirements. If there is course content to be produced, there will be a separate kickoff meeting with draft material provided for review.

Once we have developed the learning platform, we then undertake internal testing (with the opportunity for you to give feedback) and provide you with a private view of your solution for your internal testing. We will then work together on a ‘launch and go live’ plan which includes any data migration and integration requirements.

As soon as we’re ready, we go through final testing, final review and sign-off.

Ready to talk about working with us? Let’s get started! You can get in touch with us HERE

We’ll be in touch soon to discuss your requirements. 


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