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8th December 2021

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Whether you’re ready to work with us or you’re just comparing your options, these FAQs are designed to help answer the questions we are asked most often.

Once you have finished reading, you will know everything you need to know about working with Wahoo Learning.

Where Do We Start?

Once contracts are in place, our project management team will arrange a meeting with you to review the specifics of your contract to ensure we have all the required details. Using this we will create a detailed deployment plan, which takes into account your platform customisations, the support services required and the training material creation that needs to be undertaken.

The next phase encompasses the build. We customise your Learning Management System (LMS) based on your requirements.

For any course content production, a separate initial meeting is held with draft material provided, ready for review.

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How Will We Work Together?

You’ll have a dedicated account manager as a single point of contact throughout the project and they will ensure that everything runs as smoothly. Working collaboratively from the offset, we aim to become an extension of your team and work in partnership with you to build an effective training program. We become your partner in training, allowing you to focus on your organisation’s core objectives.

Do We Have To Use All Of Your Support Services?

We have worked with organisations for over 20 years, and each of our services is designed to solve the most common challenges of running, managing and maintaining a training program. Our managed learning services reduce the time, effort and overhead related to management and administration to successfully run the program.

From our experience, we recommend taking advantage of our fully managed services. However, we can develop bespoke service levels depending on individual requirements.

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How Quickly Can We Be Up And Running?

The setting up of your customised training platform (LMS) only takes a matter of weeks. During this time, all management and support services, including program management and learner support, are also established and refined to your requirements.

If learning content needs to be developed from scratch, the time taken to deploy all courses is dependent on the level of design work required from us and the number and length of courses to be created. However, if you have pre-designed content in the correct format, it can be added instantly.

We always recommend launching your program with a small set of your highest priority course content first and then building on this over time. This initial content can be constantly improved and enhanced using feedback from your partner base.

How Easy Is It To Administer? Could I Run The Services In-house?

The administration of your training program couldn’t be simpler, simply leave it to us. You could administer it yourself, but why would you want to? Hiring a new team and having the expertise to do so, paying new salaries and even funding new office space can be hugely expensive and time-consuming.

At Wahoo Learning, we have the technical expertise and dedication to drive your training program forward, so you don’t have to. Don’t worry though, with your dedicated account manager and detailed regular reports, you’ll know exactly how well your program is performing and working best for you.

Can We Access Customised Reports?

Yes, customised reports can be produced and accessed whenever they are required. The WahooLMS has advanced tracking and reporting functions. Users can select pre-determined reports, or there is the option to produce custom reports.

If you take advantage of our managed learning services, we produce and share customised reports on your behalf.

Do you have off-the-shelf content?

If you don’t need your training to be branded or aligned with company policies, procedures or ethos then off-the-shelf content can be a quick and easy option to get content onto your LMS.

We source thousands of off-the-shelf courses across a variety of subject matters if they suit your requirements and program objectives.

What if I already have content?

If you already have content available, then great, you are most of the way there already. The WahooLMS accepts content, such as videos, documents, assessments, images and SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) content, all of which can be quickly used to create courses quickly and easily.

Can I sell my courses?

Yes, our LMS has integral eCommerce functionality, without the need for additional or external online shopping pages. Your customers can buy training in a couple of clicks and have the courses appear on their dashboard instantly.

Our eCommerce functionality gives you seamless transactions. If you take our fully managed services we look after all payments, invoicing and transactional enquiries too.

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I’d like to change my services – how can I do that?

We understand that change is part of business and your training program is no different. Where you want to make changes, simply discuss it with your account manager and they’ll work with you to achieve your objectives.

Speak to the team today if you have any additional questions or would like to learn more about working with Wahoo Learning.

If you are in the process of selecting a learning platform to deliver your training, our free guide has been created to give you all the information you need to make the right decision for your organisation. Click below to download your copy now!


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