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Our expert team will work with you to create engaging bespoke and customised eLearning content for all your training needs.

We deliver engaging effective eLearning

The success of your training programme relies on the quality of the training material. At Wahoo Learning, we don’t just design, our expert eLearning course production team draws upon proven experience to define and produce content that meets your objectives.

Our specialist production tools optimise content for delivery across multiple platforms, allowing us to use a combination of design techniques to bring any topic to life.

The expertise to deliver success


Developing valuable eLearning content can support your organisation in delivering professional accreditations and the latest operational and legislative requirements. Your learners can quickly and easily be kept up to date with the latest information and certification needs.

Whether it’s new course content, a content refresh or a new blended learning approach, our instructional designers can transform any source materials to create innovative, effective and engaging content that is tailored to your audience and specific objectives.

How we can help create custom elearning tailored to your needs


Our expert creative team knows how to gather the relevant knowledge and information, enabling them to build a suite of high-quality eLearning.


If you’re looking for a different approach to training, we can convert your material into an engaging eLearning or blended learning experience.


We understand the importance of branding and will work with you closely to ensure continuity and awareness, every step of the way.


We’re specialists in learner engagement and create eLearning content to capture the attention of your users.

End to end

From the initial stages of design, through to programming, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver all your learning and development needs and exceed expectations.

SCORM compliant

All our elearning content is produced in SCORM format using Captivate or similar enterprise grade authoring tools, to ensure maximum compatibility and portability.

Our creative toolkit

Combining our knowledge with expert creativity, we use the latest skills and systems to deliver your eLearning objectives.

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The benefits of outsourcing eLearning course design

Increased Engagement

Using principles of behavioural learning psychology enhances the learner’s experience and knowledge retention. From gamification, simple knowledge checks to full assessments, high quality content will keep your learners as active participants in their training.

Enhanced cost efficiency

Costs associated with time always accrue when internal staff undertake tasks in addition to their current role. Outsourcing to Instructional Designers delivers high quality eLearning that will keep learners engaged and returning for more training.

Competitive edge

Combining your expert knowledge with professional Instructional Designers, your training offering will set you apart from the competition and allow you to build a trusted brand reputation.

Allow staff to focus

Taking away the pressure of design from staff and SMEs allows them to focus on their roles and be ready to market, administrate and strategise a stronger training programme.

Improved knowledge retention

Knowledge retention and engagement is a key focus when your content is being created, keeping your learners returning for more training.

Increased speed to market

Taking content creation out of house and into the hands of professional content creators will ensure that your training is ready to go when you are.

Flexible pricing

Pricing that is simple and clear


The pricing for our eLearning course content production is based on three tiers of customisation and complexity. This video compares those tiers throughout an entire lesson:

  • Source Content
  • Tier 1 – Basic – use of an authoring tool
  • Tier 2 – Advanced – light use of creative design
  • Tier 3 – Advanced Plus – heavy use of creative design

The journey from design to delivery

Course production process

Your questions answered

What is eLearning content production?
Content is vital for your training programme to succeed. It’s not only a matter of using what’s readily available online, in libraries, or what you’ve previously created. You need content that’s specifically tailored to support your organisation so it can meet its objectives. An eLearning content production is a service that draws on the expertise of instructional designers who can create optimised content based on the training and development needs of your learners. They will work as your partners, collaborating with you to establish training goals, gather the materials you have, and identify any knowledge gaps that need to be filled. With this information, they will then create brand-new source materials that are both engaging and effective, or, if needed, improve upon the courses you have previously created. These new training materials will be designed using techniques that can make even the most complex of topics engaging.
What information do I need to supply you with?
As much as you can give us: slide decks, presenter notes, handouts, product data sheets, course overviews, learning objectives, imagery, brand guidelines, and storyboards. The more information we can get from the outset the less we back and forth there is likely to be and the quicker we can get on with designing and implementing your eLearning program.
Why should I consider eLearning-based training?
Because it’s available 24/7, available globally and is scalable (i.e. it can reach much bigger audiences). Learner performance can also be tracked via an LMS. eLearning also promotes & supports self-paced learning, which studies have shown encourages better levels of engagement and gives the student a better learning experience overall.
Are eLearning courses available in languages other than English?
Our leading translation tools allow for translation in real-time. Not just the narration, but also the course content too. We also work with a variety of voice over artists who can also produce work in a range of languages.
How much does an eLearning course cost?
Pricing usually depends on the type of content you choose and the duration of the piece of learning. If you want lots of high-end content like video and 3D modelling, then this will inevitably cost more than using photos or diagrams.
What types of content are you able to produce?
We use a variety of design tools enhance the learning experience such as use of pictures/diagrams/charts, animations, video, 3-D modelling, gamification, and Immersive learning (AR and VR).
Can Wahoo Learning produce VR content?
Yes we are able to provide a variety of VR training solutions. If you need to capture and record training data, we can provide a full enterprise solution that records learner interaction and performance on a platform that can then convert the data to usable reporting for your LMS. If data capture isn’t important to you, and you just need the immersive experience to benefit from the far superior knowledge retention rates VR brings over classroom training and eLearning, then we have a much cheaper VR solution, with a range of off-the-shelf virtual assets and ready-made VR environments. These help to keep VR design costs down and make your VR training much more affordable.

Let’s get started

Talk to an eLearning content expert

Ada rousell-pink

Ada Rousell-Pink

As eLearning Production Manager at Wahoo Learning, Ada is an expert Instructional Designer focused on blending beautifully designed training using learning behavioural principles and cutting-edge technology.

Creating engaging and effective courses that meet set learning objectives is Ada’s forte, and she never misses an opportunity to create dynamic video and animation content to enhance knowledge retention and engagement levels.

Ada started her career after gaining a First-Class honours in Creative Media, and then went on to provide hands on training in software and hardware before embarking on a creative role at a top UK publisher.

In her spare time, Ada enjoys drawing and producing digital art, as well as long walks in the countryside and settling down with a good book.

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