Concerns You Might Have About Working with Wahoo Learning

15th December 2021

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Partnering with a new business is a big commitment. Time, money and resources are used, and before you decide to press ahead, you need to know if you are making the right choice.

In this article, we answer the questions and concerns which we have come across over the years to try and settle any fears you may have.

Concerns You Might Have About Partnering With Us

When making the decision to partner with a company to deliver your online training, we know that there may be some initial concerns.

If you’re thinking of partnering with Wahoo Learning, we address the most common concerns below. All things considered, the choice is yours to make. By outlining these concerns and answering them, we want to make sure we have given you as much information as possible before you go ahead and commit.

You might be worried that you need someone in-house

The aim of our business is to allow organisations to run effective online training programs, without the need for an internal team to manage the project and processes. That is essentially our speciality.

Customers are assigned a Wahoo Learning account manager that acts as a single point of contact. Along with our great team of creatives, developers and support staff, we manage the process from start to finish. In terms of in-house requirements, all we need is an appointed representative to proactively work together with us to reach your goals.  

You might be worried about outsourcing

Outsourcing and partnering with a business to deliver your training program may seem daunting.

We aim to make the entire process as smooth as possible. Our team work tirelessly to ensure your needs and objectives are always at the forefront of what we do. That could be your overall objectives or just the way you would like us to work with you. Everything is built to suit the role and responsibilities of the customer.

Nothing is too much trouble. We want to work in a harmonious partnership with you – that’s how our partnerships remain productive and long-lasting. 

You might be concerned about brand continuity

As we work as an extension of your team, keeping branding consistent is of utmost importance to us. We want your users and learners to enjoy a seamless learning experience and to view the entire program as a whole.

We can ensure your LMS, course material and even the support tools we use fully match your brand requirements. This is not just white labelling. A full brand integration can be achieved should this be the desired outcome. All communication uses a tailored email address and branded signature. We even use a dedicated phone number, complete with a personalised greeting, to ensure we are seen as part of your business.

It’s a service that looks, feels and sounds like your brand.

Not only does this improve continuity, but it also helps to build confidence in your brand as a trusted training partner.

You’re not sure how much support you will receive

We get it. Many other LMS vendors promise the earth, but do they actually deliver? Do they offer management and support services that allow you to be safe in the knowledge that your program is in the control of the experts?

We are completely transparent about the exact level of support you will receive. Our business has been built through recognising the challenges that most organisations face when implementing, running and managing a new training program.

You can be assured that our goals will be fully aligned, and we will work closely with you to ensure you receive the level of management and support required.

You’re worried about initial outlay costs

Most organisations research training and instantly see the upfront costs. Justifying the budget for training external audiences comes with even more challenges than internal training. This is because many are unaware of the benefits of training channel partners and the difference it can make to sales.

Want to learn? Read our blog ‘How Training Benefits Your Partner Program’ here.

Our solution is built on the basis that your training program can become a revenue-generating machine. By creating valuable learning material, it is possible to sell courses to partners. This, in turn, creates further profit in addition to an uplift in product sales.

Need to know more? Read our blog ‘Want to Create a Training Program but Have Limited Budget – Here’s How’ here. 

The course creation phase seems long

We understand. You’ve decided a training program is what you need to help service your channel partners, grow your organisation’s reach, solve your challenges and increase revenue.

Quick, off-the-shelf material doesn’t hold value to the learner as it will not have been created with them in mind. Each course should be developed to help your individual audiences achieve their goals. This is where the value lies.

We always recommend that you launch your program with a few key courses, with the plan to add more material once it’s available. The course creation phase is also dependent on the source material we are provided with and the level of design you want to be incorporated. 

You’re worried about the size of Wahoo Learning’s team

You might have noticed we’re not a big corporation. The beauty of this is that we build partnerships with our customers to allow us to deliver the highest level of service. We can respond to change quickly and customers’ needs can drive our development.

From the offset, we collaborate closely to ensure we align with your organisation’s goals.

We support and nurture our customers, building long-lasting relationships that adapt to new and changing business requirements. Ultimately, we work as a partner, not just a supplier.

Why Did We Develop Wahoo Learning’s Services?

Based on 20 years of experience in the field, we recognise that organisations wishing to implement online training programs, especially to external audiences, often need to outsource training program management.

This is because they either don’t have the infrastructure in place to manage and support it or the budget available to create a long-term successful program.

In addition to our purpose-built Learning Management System (LMS), we built our unique services to solve the three major challenges our customer’s experience:

  • Lack of resources: Our solution reduces the internal resource requirement. We focus on the program and then keep it updated.
  • Lack of expertise: Our experts are on hand to manage and optimise the program, ensuring maximum return on investment.
  • Lack of ongoing budget: Full finance management services to enable training monetisation. Create and manage a revenue-generating or potentially even self-funding program with no internal resources.

Our experience has proved that training programs are much more than just ‘set and forget’, it takes constant management, supervision and optimisation to meet their objectives….and even create a new revenue stream.

What Does Our Managed Learning Service Include?

Our focus is on building a service package that allows organisations to outsource the training program delivery. Each service is intended to cover the management of the entire training program.

As part of this, our knowledge and expertise, combined with our unique services, allow the program to be revenue-generating with very few internal resources required.

Everything has been designed to reduce the bottom line for our customers, all while delivering a premier training program to external audiences such as channel partners or customers.

Want to know more about what our managed learning services covers? Read our blog ‘Everything You Need to Know About Our Managed Learning Services’ here.

Here is a list of what’s included:

  • Fully managed LMS designed for training external networks
  • Customised, branded LMS platform to mirror your organisation
  • Ongoing training program management
  • Dedicated, personalised global learner support – phone, email and online chat
  • Customised reporting and monitoring
  • Complete learning and development administration
  • eCommerce management


We have covered the concerns we hear of most often. Of course, there may be more and we’re more than happy to set up a chat to talk through any apprehensions and work together on a plan.

Speak to the team to resolve any concerns you have about working with Wahoo Learning and discover how our expert services can help you achieve your training objectives


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